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Community Council

Community Council - The Local Legislature

The Community Council forms the country's local legislature where laws and regulations that impact the local community as a whole are made or abolished. (It is estimated there will be approximately 200 Community Councils throughout the Island - one Community Council for every 100,000 people).

A Community Council consists of 12 counsellors, each elected for a 6 year term.The same counsellor can be elected for a maximum of two terms only. All Counsellors of the Community Council are legally accountable to the Independent Council against Corruption and Due Process (ICCDP)

Each counsellor is elected for a specific role within the council (see below). Community Council elections are held every 3 years (on the 1st Saturday of March) where half of the Council is up for election.


  1. Community Counsel for the National Assembly (National Representative) 

  2. Community Counsel for Infrastructure and Technology

  3. Community Counsel for Trade and Employment

  4. Community Counsel for The Treasury (The Treasurer)

  5. Community Counsel for Health and Wellbeing (The Mayor)

  6. Community Counsel for Education and Empowerment

  7. Community Counsel for the Environment and Natural resources

  8. Community Counsel for Agriculture and Industry

  9. Community Counsel for Cultural affairs and the Arts

  10. Community Counsel for the Regional Assembly (Regional Representative)

  11. Community Counsel for Local Security and Law enforcement

  12. Community Counsel for Civil liberties, Human rights and Social inclusion

The chair of the Community Council is rotated equally between the Community Counsel for Health and Wellbeing (The Mayor) and the Community Counsel for the Treasury (The Treasurer). The Chair of the Community Council facilitates council meetings according to the constitution and upholds the sacred Hela values of Humanity, Wisdom and Self-sufficiency.

Community Council meetings take place on the 1st week of the month (Monday through to Friday). There are at least ten meetings a year, each 5 days in duration. All 12 counsellors (or their representatives as per constitution) must be present for the Community Council to conveneMatters before the Community Council shall only be passed or rejected on a majority conscience vote.

Prime Directives of the Community Council

  • Uphold the sacred Hela values of Humanity, Wisdom and Self-sufficiency that unite the community and the Nation

  • Promote a sense of 'community spirit'

  • Enact laws and regulations that apply to the local community

  • Collect incomes taxes and rates: 60% of all revenue collected by the Community Council is to be spent on the needs of the local community to which the Council belongs, 30% of revenue collected by the Community Council is to be spent within the Region to which the Council belongs and the remaining 10% of revenue collected by the Community Council goes to the State.

  • Provide such facilities as schools, medical clinics, low- interest community banks, community law enforcement etc.