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Advantages of HSD

Advantages of the Hela System of Democracy

Advantages of the Hela System over the current Parliamentary System


  • No Political parties -  No adversarial politics - No divide and rule tactics

  • No 'towing the party line' - No allegiances to parties or special interest groups

  • A diversity of views are heard in the National Assembly (not just the government's view and the opposition as in the Westminster system)

  • Sovereignty for the Hela Culture and Equity for Individuals is at the heart of the constitution

  • Self-governance at community level is a reality benefiting all people

  • Local communities gain more economic and political power

  • Power is shared and decentralised so no one individual has supreme power; thus minimising opportunities for corrupt behaviour

  • Candidates are chosen on merit and not on might - Selected candidates possess the necessary qualifications for the position. For all positions of the institutions that constitute the Hela System of Democracy, candidates must demonstrate knowledge, skills and qualities against the selection criteria. (The selection criteria is stipulated in the constitution)

  • Decentralisation of institutions means that less people will leave the villages for the city. Communities both in the city and the hinterland will thus prosper.

  • Universal peace and prosperity is a reality.


(The Hela System of Democracy in its current form was developed by De Silva, D. in 1998 inspired by the wisdom of Hela elders). 


This is leading edge democracy, arguably the best in the world.