Conflict & Concord

Conflict and Concord

The nature of the past conflict

The past conflict in Heladiva was widely described as a 'civil war'. The truth is that the majority of people in Heladiva, including ethnic Tamils have lived in peace in the southern, western and central parts of the Island. In certain parts of the north and the east of the Island, a protracted conflict existed between a few groups of Tamil terrorists, and Government forces who oppose it. To have described this situation as a civil war was erroneous.

The terrorists described the conflict as a 'freedom struggle for Tamil self-determination'. To have described the conflict in this way was also erroneous. A freedom struggle for Tamil self-determination can only be waged in Tamil Nadu (in the Tamil country); and not in Heladiva or anywhere else in the entire world.  One can only legitimately free one's own motherland.

The motherland of the Tamil Nation is Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu,  the indigenous language Tamil is spoken by 62 million Tamils.


The terrorist claimed to represent interests of the Tamil community in Heladiva. One can only wonder how helpful an armed conflict with suicide bombers, child soldiers, money laundering, coercion, intimidation, blackmail, drug smuggling etc. could be in the best interest of the ethnic Tamil community of Heladiva. Thankfully, many countries including U.S.A. and the E.U. made it a criminal offense to support these terrorist in any form or manner.

Children who were recruited as soldiers by the LTTE terrorists.  Photos:

The Tamil terrorists' unjust, illegitimate and illegal demand for an independent state not only cost the lives of over 85,000 people on the Island, it also halted the economic progress of the Island. The only people who profited in the  thirty years of terrorist activity were the War lords themselves and the Arms dealers who supplied them.


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Preventing conflict

The solution to lasting peace and prosperity on the Island is to address the causes that gave rise to the past conflict.

The Nature of the past conflict in Heladiva arose out of the need for poverty alleviation, education and self-governance at a very local level for all communities (See Community Councils); as well as the need for sovereignty for the indigenous Hela Culture. These social, political and economic problems require solutions through leadership and vision, not violence.



  1. Local governance (See proposed constitution); empowering communities to self govern at a local level, alleviate poverty and invest in their future

  2. Bill of universal rights and universal responsibilities - Equity (social justice); equal opportunity to education, employment and government services etc. as well as equal civil liberties

  3. Sovereignty for the indigenous Hela Culture: its language, values and traditions.



  1. A grand comprehensive plan for reconstruction of infrastructure and services in all areas of Heladiva be conceived in the spirit of inclusiveness and fairness (equity) with an absolute commitment to transparency, at every stage of the plan

  2. An unprecedented global appeal for capital (i.e. grants) to support the plan. The plan to be headed and executed by the President

  3. Re-establish the rule of law especially in the North & East with necessary instruments and  infrastructure. This includes a Coast watch of the territorial waters

  4. All sons and daughters of Heladiva to work together, nationally and internationally to alleviate poverty and improve facilities for education, especially in impoverished communities. (Imagine how much better off we all would be, if the money spent on warfare in the last 30 years was used for the benefit of the people, rather than against)

  5. Implement a new constitution that enables self-governance at a very local level and at the same time effectively safeguards the sovereignty of the Hela Culture and territorial integrity of Heladiva. (See proposed constitution).




"Where there is no vision, the People perish."

[Ancient Chinese proverb]

Regarding Humanity, Sovereignty & Human Rights

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