Welcome to Heiwa Tofu!

Thank you! Our Indiegogo campaign was a big success! With all of your incredibly generous help, we were able to raise $18,700. After the campaign fees, credit card fees, promotional​ and perk expenses, we are left with about $16,500! 
​We're overwhelmed with gratitude to our amazing community. We couldn't have done this without each and every one of you. We look forward to continuing to supply you all with good tofu and fun recipes.​

​The success of this campaign would not have been possible without the five amazing women that form the BizIn team. Last December, BizIn awarded Heiwa Tofu a grant of 10 hours of work from each​ of its members:

Valerie Geredien -- Buzzwings Marketing & Communications
Leah Twitchell -- K&L Social Media
Susan Walters -- Stories That Shine
Erin Covey-Smith -- Wheatberry Design
Carrie Yardley -- Yardley Esq. PLLC  

​Each of these women stayed fully committed to our campaign, put their hearts into ensuring its success, exceeded the 10 hours granted, provided valuable insight and skills towards the campaign and were a complete pleasure to work with. Our hearts and eternal gratitude go out to you. 

We ​installed ​the heat pumps a in beginning of November since the early mornings were getting quite chilly. With the money we raised, we're so fortunate to be able to pay for them in full. ​With the extra funds, we will begin ​protecting our loading dock from the weather. The first step is to expand the concrete dock. The new dock will serve as a foundation for a 14' tall x 12' wide x 12' long building for tractor trailers and refrigerated box trucks to back into, so we can safely load and unload pallets in all sorts of weather.

​Although our campaign is officially over, the Indiegogo platform allows us to continue accepting donations​. If you missed the opportunity, but still want to help Heiwa Tofu, you can! The ​transition to our new building is not over. We will continue to invest in much needed infrastructure for current needs and future growth.  

With Love and Gratitude,

Jeff and Maho


Heiwa Tofu is located in Rockport, Maine. We make certified organic tofu and soymilk using organic, non-GMO soybeans from Maine farms.

We believe that a local, plant-based diet is one way to a more peaceful planet. Heiwa means 'peace' in Japanese and we've come to think of Heiwa Tofu as 'peace on a plate.'

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