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Continuing Education Products

  • Trench Safety: A tutorial for Constructors An eleven-lesson tutorial based on the OSHA requirements for construction excavation safety. Its purpose is to teach safe trenching practices, taking advantage of the multimedia and hyper-linking capabilities of the World Wide Web. Online since 1995, it is one of the pioneering applications of continuing education for constructors on the Web.
  • Concrete Basics: Residential Slab on Grade Concrete slab on grade is the single most common structural element used in the building industry today. This course, first of a series on concrete construction and design, examines the construction of high quality residential slabs on grade from the viewpoints of the contractor and engineer. 
  • Concrete Basics: Commercial Slab on Grade Concrete slabs on grade are integral to almost all commercial construction projects. This course examines the construction a high quality commercial slab on grade for a convention center from the viewpoints of the contractor, the architect, the owner, the concrete subcontractor and the engineer.
  • Design and Construction of A Concrete Frame Building This program explores the interaction between engineering design and the techniques of modern construction for a four-story continuous concrete frame hospital building. Specific emphasis is placed on the viewpoint of the constructor, along with a pictorial history of the construction of structural components.
  • Stories from the Field This course deals with the practical matters of practicing engineers. The panel addresses every day problems of contractors, owners, and field engineers, focusing on  pertinent jobsite issues that have caused problems between the engineer and the constructor.
  • Pervious Concrete: The Sustainable Pavement This course reviews the basics of working with pervious concrete. It features interviews with the experts who played a role installing a pervious parking lot in a university arboretum.
  • Design For Pervious Concrete A live seminar and workshop cosponsored by Auburn University Continuing Education and The National Pervious Concrete Pavement Association (NPCPA). First course offered at 1st Annual Pervious in Paradise Conference, Westin St. John, USVI.

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