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 Energy Plans

     Maby in several years i might start aiming for a goal of 80%-90% off the grid.   But for the time being id be happy with  10%-30%. 

      Some of the idea's refer to solar and wind power in the  area of  heating and general power.  As for heating this might be a issue in the short term but i have plans to offset this in the future.

 Solar Heat Collector (passive)

      One of my first projects would be a solar heat collector, either a air or hydro system.  Since the solar heat air collector might be one of my first experiments.  A couple self regulated heat panels could drop heating costs alot on most sunny days.

     Solar heat collector is basicly a box lined with a solar assorbing sink covered with glazing.  Depending on design and placement some can produce 200w-800w of heat a hour so you see theses might be the cheapest heat you may get these days.  Air is then moved from the room either active or passive to the heater.  The air  is then heated my a solar radiation collected by the sink, then passed back into the room.  Temp within the collector on sunny days can reach 150-190 Deg F.

     My plan calls for a 4'x8'x6" collector using a copper sink (maby aluminum) painted with a special solar asorbing paint.  Covered with either a double layered glazing or double  glass (tempered).  The venting would regulated by a thermostat, thermal switch, and a 120mm 12v fan powered by a 20w solar panel (i could go just a bit smaller) 16w.

      The reason for a solar powered fan/control system is that if the sun is not shining the system will not heat anyways and going into a natural standy mode.  I would install a basic dampening system to prevent cold air return durning off times.

Solar Heat Collector (hydro) 

     Another plan might call for me to make a aray of  solar hydro heaters, that in turn will heat the house via slab heat or  forced air.  It would be a must to design and make a heat storage vault to store excess energy for you during no sunny days or time periods.  Basic design is the same but heats water/coolant instead of air.  Can be used as hot water system for house either.

Wind Power

     Another plan would call for me to build a wind generator using a converted GM alternator (PM generator) on a 30" tower.  A 400w to 1000w plan would not put me out so much; maby $300-$500 (depending how much i have pre-made).

     I would to have a grid tie / battery system to shed excess power back to the Power Co. and drop the basic ultility or even get paid back for once lol.  The bottle neck is kw per month produced and the cost of the grid tie system i am talking 1000's of dollars.  Wind seems to be a good medium to make power with even though it is not constant.  I look at solar arrays and the cost per watt is still to high. A link to a set of plans that look interesting Dragonflypower.


    More to come soon.