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Website: Heiko Karle

Heiko Karle

Assistant Professor (tenure track)

Economics Department

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management             gemeinnützige GmbH

Adickesallee 32-34, 60322 Frankfurt am Main


Phone:         +49 69 154008 – 514


Nana Berhane (Assistant)

Phone:         +49 69 154008 – 770

Research Fields

Industrial Organization, Contract Theory, Behavioral Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics

Curriculum Vitae PDF

Workshop on Behavioral Economics at Frankfurt School

Sebastian Ebert and I hosted a small workshop on behavioral economics on April 12-13, 2018. Find more information (here.)


    Segmentation versus Agglomeration: Competition between Platforms with Competitive Sellers (Web Appendix)

    (with Martin Peitz and Markus Reisinger)

    Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming

    Selling in Advance to Loss-Averse Consumers  (Web Appendix)

    (with Marc Möller)

    International Economic Review, forthcoming

    Incomplete Contracting, Renegotiation, and Expectation-Based Loss Aversion

    (with Fabian Herweg and Daniel Müller)

    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 145, 176-201 (2018).

     Advertising and Attachment: Exploiting Loss Aversion through Pre-Purchase Information

    (with Heiner Schumacher)

    former title: Advertising Content when Consumers are Loss Averse

    RAND Journal of Economics 48(4), 875-1135 (2017).


    De-Targeting: Advertising an Assortment of Products to Loss-Averse Consumers

    (with Martin Peitz)

    European Economic Review 95, 103-124 (2017).

Signaling Quality with Increased Incentives (Web Appendix)

   (with Heiner Schumacher and Christian E. Staat)

   European Economic Review 85, 8-21 (2016).


    Loss Aversion and Consumption Choice: Theory and Experimental Evidence (Web Appendix)

    (with Georg Kirchsteiger and Martin Peitz)

    American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 7(2), 101-120 (2015).


    Competition under Consumer Loss Aversion (Web Appendix)

    (with Martin Peitz)

    RAND Journal of Economics 45(1), 1-31 (2014).


    Working Papers

    Student Performance and Loss Aversion, August 2019

    (with Dirk Engelmann and Martin Peitz)


    Incomplete Agreements and Context-Dependent Preferences, Jan  2018

    (with Andrea Canidio)


    Work in Progress

     Selling Information: Newspaper Competition and Media Slant,

     (with Johannes Dittrich and Heiner Schumacher)


    Consumer Search and the Uncertainty Effect, first draft available upon request

     (with Heiner Schumacher)


     Excessive Targeting, first draft available upon request

     (with Markus Reisinger)


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