Google ID VS gmail

Qu: Can I use my NON gmail address to use Google Sites, Google Docs and other google services ?
A: Yes.

In other words:
You want to use Google services (docs, sites, blogs etc....) but don't want to make a new gmail address - i.e. you want to use your current NON google email address.

Two choices:
1) use your current email such as  to make a google ID and then use that to log into the site. More on HOW to do this:
Just go to
you will see something like this:

Click on the link on the top right called  
Sign up for a new Google Account

It is better to go first to the and then click on
Sign up for a new Google Account
because that way you get the choice of using a NON gmail ID see below:

if you directly just go to   you will get no choice, but be given a new email address, i.e. a gmail address.
you will see something like this:

Notice that the username has     you can't change that. You don't get to use your old non google email.

More info

Using Non Google Id With Google Groups      Video:  Youtube: Using Google Docs without a GMail Account.

see here for original info & for more details

This way you keep you old email and use it to log into google things like documents and sites.  You email is then the log-in ID for all google things.

2) make a new Google email address (that is: a gmail address) and use that just to log into the google site. You don't have to USE the gmail address as an email, just use it as a login ID. - Only drawback is: it's another id and password to remember. You could use the email for other purposes.