Therapies we tried

Here is a short overview of some of the therapies - traditional and alternative - that we have tried. It also includes some general things we  do to help our kids with CP.

We are very positive about the signing we did with our children. We found Makaton signs very effective to communicate and reduce frustration. Kai's fine motor skills were not too good, so we were not too fussy about the perfect sign - an approximation would be fine.

One of the most useful things we ever did to educate ourselves as parents of a then non-verbal child was attend the Hanen course "It Takes Two To Talk". It radically changed the way we communicated with all our children.

Our children receive(d) services from Lifestart and TSC

Both Mr. Determined and Boo Boo attend Conductive Education

We see a chiropractor once a forthnight

The kids get a weekly Feldenkreis session - here is Boo Boo during one of her sessions.


Mr. Determined loved horese riding at Riding for the Disabled until school made attending sessions during the week impossible. We hope one day to get a Weekend spot.

Apart from that, we go kayaking (good for balance) and try to have an active lifestyle. Mr Determined loves playing cricket (especially bowling), riding his bike (adapted by Technical Aid for the Disabled), ride the scooter (a big solid 3 wheeler one), go swimming (at out local Rainbow Club) and love gardening/bushcare, playing in the park, and generally mucking around. And Surfing for the Disabled, how much fun is that!