CPecial parenting

Experiences of a Sydney based mother of three: Mr Determined (November 2000, CP), Possum (December 2002, Neurotypical) and Boo Boo (April 2006, CP)

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Obviously, there is more to me than being a mother. Yet, as we all know, parenthood can be all-consuming, and when your kids have special needs, it becomes a whole new ball game again.

I created this site to collect some bits and pieces of information and wisdom i have gathered along the way - and to remind myself how far we have come.

Have a look at some of the therapies we tried, some toys we found helpful, or some of the simple but effective tricks we learned to make life easier.

 I apologise for the delay in updating the site. We have just sold our house, and bought a new one, which we are currently renovating to make it wheelchair accessible. This takes up most of my time at the moment.

 It has also reminded me that i should post about accessibility - most people think in terms of wheelchairs, but "wobbly walkers" like my lot have their own special issues that often get overlooked.

Also, i have written some more personal stories about parenting children with special needs.

Join CPecialparents an online group for parents of children with CP, a fantastic source of information and support. Links to more interesting blogs and websites are posted on my blog.