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Angry Bird - Happy Pig

posted Jan 3, 2012, 5:46 AM by Narum Knits   [ updated Jan 3, 2012, 5:46 AM ]


I think this washable wool blend will work nicely for the golf club project – it is tough and washable. I made the entire sock on size 6 needles until I got to the beak. I used size 5 double pointed because that is what they had at the store and I think it made a denser fabric for stuffing.  I changed the beak and work each on as row 2 (decreasing after the first stitch and before the last stitch on every other section) with a knit row in-between. I think it came out great. I did not do Kitchener stitch but just ran the yarn through and after tying a tiny knot I hid the end inside the beak. (I did a similar finish on the feathers.) I think it is pointer this way. I tried doing the duplicate stitch and using a crochet hook to add the eye details but I was not happy with either technique. I ended up embroidering with a chain stitch and using French knots for the pupils. Both the bird and the pig came out so cute and an interesting presentation idea for the wine.

Happy Pig


The pig is part of a set I made to cover wine as a Christmas present for my father. I modified the bird pattern. I used size 5 circulars and double pointed for the entire project. After knitting the sock in green yarn I added the ears by making a rectangle 5 stitches wide by 20 rows long. Fold in half and sew up one side making a sort of pocket with a round edge at the top and the CO and BO edges on the bottom. Sew these edges to the pigs head in a semicircle. For the nose I CO 24 stitches and then distributed them evenly among 4 double pointed needles. Knit 10 rounds evenly before decreasing by (K2, K2tog) repeat to end – Knit next round – (K1, K2tog) repeat to end – K next round – K2 tog repeat for 2 rounds. Run end through open stitches, pull tight and fasten on wrong side. I think it would have made a flatter surface if you skip the knitting rounds and only do the decrease rounds. Make two French knots for the nostrils on the nose. Attach in center of face. Using a chain stitch embroider the eyes and eyebrows. Finish off using French knots for the pupils and mouth.