Heidi Pan

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Advisor:    Krste Asanović
Groups:    SCALE (MIT) | ParLab (UCB)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, June 2010
  • M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, June 2002
    Winner, Charles and Jennifer Johnson Award for Best M.Eng. Thesis in Computer Science, MIT, 2002

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, June 2001

Research Projects

  • project description
  • pdf   "Composing Parallel Software Efficiently with Lithe"
    Heidi Pan, Benjamin Hindman, and Krste Asanović (PLDI 2010)
  • pdf   "Cooperative Hierarchical Resource Management for Efficient Composition of Parallel Software"
    Heidi Pan (MIT Ph.D. Thesis)
  • pdf   "Lithe: Enabling Efficient Composition of Parallel Libraries"
    Heidi Pan, Benjamin Hindman, and Krste Asanović (HotPar 2009)
Pin (Intel)
  • project description
  • pdf   "Controlling Program Execution through Binary Instrumentation"
    Heidi Pan, Krste Asanović, Robert Cohn, and Chi-Keung Luk (WBIA/PACT 2005)
  • tool download
Memory Timestamp Record
  • project description
  • pdf   "Accelerating Multiprocessor Simulation with a Memory Timestamp Record"
    Kenneth Barr, Heidi Pan, Michael Zhang, and Krste Asanović (ISPASS 2005)
Heads and Tails
  • project description
  • pdf   "High-Performance Variable-Length Instruction Encodings"
    Heidi Pan (MIT M.Eng. Thesis)
  • pdf   "Heads and Tails: A Variable-Length Instruction Format Supporting Parallel Fetch and Decode"
    Heidi Pan and Krste Asanović (CASES 2001)
Seedling Projects
  • InfiniCore: Explored an architectural design that supports dynamic partitioning and active messages.
  • Software-Controlled Coherence: Explored a software-controlled cache coherence design for InfiniT
    that supports unbounded nested transactions (taxonomy) and code-specific coherence policies.
  • The InfiniT Stored-Processor Abstract Machine: Explored a new highly parallel architectural paradigm,
    which provides an easy-to-reason-about parallel execution model, fast context switching, and
    hierarchical protection domains. (project description)
  • Scalable Directory: Explored a scalable trie directory design that supports both fine-grained and
    coarse-grained sharing with minimal storage requirements and access latencies. (taxonomy)

Teaching Experience

MIT 6.823 Computer System Architecture: Teaching Assistant, Spring 2003

Industry Experience

Intel VSSAD Group: Intern, Summer 2005
Synopsys HDL Compiler Group: Intern, Summers 1999 & 2000

Social Entrepreneurship

I minored in social entrepreneurship as part of my PhD program.