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Dr Heidi Rosenberg Chemistry Tutor
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Why am I different from all other tutors?
I am different because I only teach chemistry. Most tutors will teach a whole list of subjects.
I only teach chemistry as this is the subject I am most qualified to teach. I was educated in England which often means I have different and better ways of explaining things.

My background.
My degree is from England, I gained the highest grade possible in my degree and it was a pure chemistry degree. These means I only learned the 3 branches of chemistry (O-chem {organic}, inorganic and physical) and biochemistry.
I also have a PhD in organic / medicinal chemistry.

In addition I tutored for 4 years during my PhD. I have also been tutoring in USA, both privately and through agencies.

I also have several years of real life experience doing research in both industry and university settings.

What courses do I tutor?
I can tutor any school level chemistry (this includes AP, honors, IB etc)
I can also tutor any level general chemistry college (currently tutoring CHM101, CHM 130, CHM116 from ASU and MCC)
I can also tutor any organic chemistry college level course (this is my specialty, I tend to have a much better understanding of this area than most tutors since I actually did 6 semesters of organic chemistry as an undergraduate as well as having my PhD in the subject) (currently chm 234, 235, 236)
I can also help with the chemistry area of tests such as the MCAT and DAT

What style of tutoring do I use?

I adapt to suit the need of my students I particularly enjoy getting back to basics in both general and organic chemistry as these are the true building blocks to expand your knowledge on. I love it when students suddenly get new concepts and everything clicks into place.

Examples of common topics.
stoichiometry, gas laws, thermodynamics, chemical bonding and VSPER theory, acid/base chemistry, kinetics, equilibrium etc.
Arrow pushing, nucleophilic and electrophilic addition. Carbonyl chemistry etc

Where do I tutor?
If possible I prefer to tutor my first session in a public place. I have tutored in sunset library, downtown chandler, tempe, MCC and ASU area.

My strength lies in the ability to explain organic chemistry into simple language.

In tutoring session I explain topics and go over exams and homework.
I am willing to answer questions via email in between regular sessions.

Student Feedback

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Example of Notes

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  • College
I also tutor Chemistry to college students (general and organic).  I am currently tutoring
  • CHM233 Organic Chemistry
  • CHM234 Organic Chemistry
  • CHM235 Organic Chemistry
  • High School 
I tutor Chemistry to high school students (this includes AP Chemistry, IB Chemistry and Honors Chemistry.

  • MCAT
I help student prepare for the chemistry section of the MCAT exam.


I tutor mainly in Chandler and Tempe.   I am also willing to tutor in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa.  I normally tutor in library's

If you are interested please email me directly.   My name is Dr Heidi Rosenberg.  My rates are cheaper if you come directly to me rather than through my agency.  The agency takes commission.  hidehi.rosenberg@gmail.com

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Heidi R. - Tutor in Chandler, AZ 85226

Experienced tutor and organic synthetic chemist


About MeHello, my name is Heidi. I graduated with a first class bachelors degree in Chemistry with honors from the University of Liverpool, England. During my degree I spent a year working in industry for Zeneca. During this year I gained practical experience in Ion exchange chemistry. After graduating I gained another years experience in industry concentrating on the field of combinatorial chemistry. I became a mentor for junior team members. I then returned to my studies and was awarded a PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University of Bath in England. My field of expertise was sugar chemistry. During my 4 year course I tutored many undergraduates in lab work. I have post doctoral research experience in Cancer research from Arizona State University. I have chosen to exclusively tutor chemistry as I have a lot of experience in the subject. My strength lies in the ability to explain organic chemistry into simple language. This includes first and second semester college organic chemistry. I studied inorganic, physical and organic chemistry for 6 semesters in England. I specialized in organic chemistry in my final year. I am also confident in explaining general chemistry both at high school and college level. Example of topics that I cover are stoichiometry, gas laws, thermodynamics, chemical bonding and VSPER theory, acid/base chemistry, kinetics, equilibrium etc. My style changes with each individual student. As I was educated in England, a very often have different methods of working out calculations which students find much more simple. Many students get very confused by stoichiometry. This is an extremely important concept and if a student is confused by this topic they will continue to struggle with chemistry. Most of my students will understand stoichiometry within their first lesson with me. I am willing to answer questions via email in between regular sessions.
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Dr. A.J. Chandler Park
So. of SW corner Chandler Blvd. & Arizona Ave.
Thursdays  3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Farmer's market

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