Psychology of Childhood  Class Policies

Instructor: Mrs. Heidel

                                                                        Room 540 – Ph. Ext #8515  


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Course Overview:

This course offers the unique experience of learning about children by working with them.

Students operate a play school for 3, 4, 5 year olds.  The students have the responsibility of planning and

teaching children in playschool.  The first half of the term is spent learning about children’s development through textbook, video, observation, and practicing teaching skills.


College Credit

*This course is a prerequisite to Exploring Childhood A and B.

 In order to receive 3 college credits, students must receive a B or better in Psych of CH and

 Exploring  CH A & B. The credits are from St. Paul College.  Student may petition for credit

 at other institutions, which may or may not accept the credit.



It is the student’s responsibility to get makeup work following an absence.  Full credit is received

if work is received one day after returning to school.  One day for each day absent. Ex=5 days absent,

work due 5 days after returning to school.  Write the day(s) absent on the top of each makeup

assignment to receive full credit. Place in correct basket on front table.


Late Work

This course is fast paced with the expectation from you as a learner to be responsible for your learning.  Please plan for work daily and use you time wisely to stay on track.  This is for your success, the success of the teaching teams and the success of the Playschool Program.  Due dates are posted on the calendar at the front of the room above the assignment box.  In emergency situations, please communicate to me prior to the date due regarding individual situations which may prevent you from completing an assignment on time.


Test Make Ups

Tests must be made up within one week. To make up, schedule a time for after the school with

the teacher.


Participation Points

Participation points:  Each student will be evaluated based on their teamwork, time management, overall participation during classroom and Playschool days.  In order to maintain an “A” in this area, students are expected to fully participate in all course requirements.  You will lose points for disruptive behavior; unexcused absences; sleeping; cell phone use, inattentiveness, lack of effort. This applies to

group work also, where non-participants will receive no credit for group work.


Tardy To Class

Students are expected to be in desks when bell rings. Participation points are lost for a tardy

to class.





Making up Play School

Play school may be made up by recreating a play school-like situation, videotaping

it, having an adult witness verify the experience, and providing lesson plans, etc. Themes must be

approved with Mrs. Heidel beforehand. Play school is difficult to makeup so make every attempt to be here.


Prearranged Absences

All prearranged absences should be reported to Mrs.Heidel before play school

or group assignments are scheduled.


Assigned Seats/Areas

-Students will be assigned seats and groups during this term.  All students are

expected to be in the assigned seat and area throughout the class period.

(videos, seat work, group work, planning for play school, etc.)

-Students will receive zeros and be considered insubordinate when not respecting

this guideline.

-Students are expected to stay in assigned seat or area until excused by the teacher.


Do Your Own Work

-All written work is expected to be completed by YOU!  Consider the school policy on

plagiarism before you copy another’s packet or paper.  All narrative papers are kept on file

 from previous students, and checks done for plagiarism.

-Observations must be done in your words and reflect your thinking.


No Head Phones!

No Cell Phones!

No Pop, Candy or Food!

Appropriate Dress Code will be enforced throughout the term – you are to be a role model

Hats and Coats are not allowed in class


Bathroom Passes

Emergencies only!  I have a sign out pass and form – you must follow procedures for sign out or these privileges will be taken away.


Respect Goes Both Ways

Be prepared for class.  Answer when called upon.  Heads up and be attentive.  Use a respectful

tone of voice.

Listen to others and have a positive attitude.


Grading Categories:

30%     Group Work: Playschool

20%     Individual Competencies/ Participation

35%    Daily Work: Packets, worksheets, activities, Case Study Paper

15%     Tests & Quizzes