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Day 1

Song: Everybody’s Happy

Course Intro – Sylabus – Expectations

HO:Reflections of Childhood

Read pgs: 19-24

HO: Why Study Children

Day 2

Song: Everybody’s Happy

Discuss "Why Study Children"

If A Child Lives With…..

HO: Subject Matter of Child Development

Blue Packet: Principles of Child Development – 
Notes: 6 basic principles of child development 

Day 3

Song: Name Game

PP: Piaget & Erickson Stages of Development
Activity: Popcorn - Fire Engine - Ice Cream


Day 4
Toy Selection Activity 
Discussion & Notes: principles of Development
complete reading Ch 1
Review your understanding questions

Day 5

Sasha Case Study
Maslow's Heirarchy
HO: Children Fulfill Their Needs
"The Subject Matter of Child Development"
Note Cards for test
Discuss Brain Plasticity 



Day 6

TEST ch. 1: Principles of Child Development
Activity: Chain Gang
Day 7
Begin Physical Development Unit
Opposite Hand Activity
Purple Physical Development Packet
Video: Physical Development of Preschoolers
Day 8

Case Study w/ group questions

Read Ch. 15

Activity A & B in Learning Packet


Day 9
Case Study: Garret w/ constructive response writing
Notes: Developmental Tasks
Review questions 1-10
Kids Say the Darnest Things!


Day 10

Perspective Activity
Video of Playschool Program w/ Objectives Checklist & Goals


Scavenger Hunt

Day 11

 -Physical Development Stations
-Assign Physical Development Lesson in Groups (8)
-Introduce lesson Plan format
-Resource Books - Mailbox Magazines


Day 12


 Teach Physical Development Lessons- Students take notes on each lesson example
Note cards for Test
Review Playschool examples


Day 13
Group/team/Class Activty (Spring Board) Hand Shake/Slap
Teach Developmental lessons





 Day 14
Test Ch 16: Physical Development of Preschoolers
Intellectual Drawing Activity
Video: Intellectual development of preschoolers
Begin reading ch 16




Day 15
Developmental Tasks of Preschoolers - Notes
-review questions
-Review for test - Tuesday
Scavenger Hunt
Begin Intellectual Development: Drawing Activity
 Video: Intellectual Development of Preschoolers





Day 16
Test: Physical Development of Preschoolers
 Video: "Oh, Say What They See"
 -Read Ch 16 -review questions (in Packet)
Notes: Obstacles to Logical Thinking

HO in Pkt: Preschoolers lack Complete and Logical Thought


Development Packet

    -Review Questions

    -Fairy Tales and      Children

    -Concepts of Preschool Children





-Assign: Piaget Teaching Lesson

-HO: Piaget Reading

-HO: Intellectual Lesson Planning

-Explain Concept Maps
-Lesson Plans
-Teacher Group Requests


StoryTime: Rainbow Fish


Lesson Plan

Assign Storytime lesson

Work Time

-Notes on each of the 8 areas

Complete Intellectual dev packets

Note cards for Quiz ch 16




-Teach Piaget Concepts: Presentations & Notes 

TEST ch 16 Intellectual Development

Teacher groups – pictures




***Students Assign: Favorite Childhood Book***Bring in Tuesday - Feb 22***

-Computer Lab:research Themes and activities
Hand out web site sheet and themes already done.  Each group  lists 3  possible themes
-Teachig Team Pictures

-Social & Emotional Development

Chapter 17

-Notes: Tips for developing healthy self-esteem in children

-Video: Preschoolers Social & Emotional Development

Read ch 17

Packet work: Review questions

Definitions and Examples



Song: Doodlebops “Take a Look in a Book”



 NO SCHOOL- Feb 21

Activity: Spiderman – Activities that teach p. 271



Share stories and Art Activities - Peer Evaluations
Team Photos
My Declaration of Self Esteem
 IALAC Story/Activity
Video: 20/20 Boys and Emotions

Stepping stones

OH/Notes: Helping to Build Self confidence

What to say/Not to Say – 5 things



Activity: Floor Paper Design (Springboard)


Teacher Resource Books

Teaching Group Lesson Books

Peer Evaluation Expectations




Observation Books























 Case Study Criteria
Activity: Chain Gang




Memorial Day
 Individual Competencies/ Peer & Self Evaluations
Clean & Organize
 *Case Study Papers DUE Work




 Case Study Papers DUE

 I Am Sam

 I Am SAm

 Last Day of School