About CUDA

New generations of graphic card shelter performance of high performance computers. But most of gpu's (graphical processing units) are designet for computing graphics with OpenGL or DirectX.

In purpose to use of gpu's high performance, developed some researchers, universities and firms frameworks to more convenient to program the gpu's for general purpose (e. g. physics or artifical intelligence in games). One of these developments is CUDA. A framework fo nVidia corporation to program GeForce gpu's starting with version 8800 and higher.

Unfortunately is CUDA usable for GeForce only. But gpgpu coders can develop apps with cuda witch run twenty or more times fasten then on a "ordinary" 3 GHz cpu.

I use cuda to develop a program for climate simulations of working and living rooms.

You can learn mor about cuda on the website of nVidia corporation.

last edit: 06.02.2009