WindowShades Demo 

A short find they key adventure game, where key=weapon.  It will later become one much longer, and also easier than the demo.  Have you tried Ico or Shadow of the Colossus?  This is a bit like that, but with a ghost Penguin, and the get the new gun/power theme of HalfLife and Doom.

`  If you liked the BlueKaraWorld comics, then this will probably be even more fun.  The author, BlueKara has been the one who's been keeping me working on WindowShades.  We're designing the bosses together.

Current version: 0.3.0



NEW WindowShades page

WindowShadesversion0.3.0.exe the new and improved demo with three bosses!


Don't expect any updates for a while: I'm a lazy school child.

Luckily, WindowShades has been backed up and progress will continue once I get a new computer, which will be soon.  In the mean time, try out the current demo version, and tell me what you want changed, where you might have gotten stuck, and what you want me to do.  In fact, since it's a 2-D game, you could easily help me with the art.  But what I really need is people to try the WindowShades demo and tell me about it (

What WindowShades is like.

`  Another AdventureMaker game.  This time with the third person plugin and some scripting, unlike My First Game.  All movement will be consistent, except possibly in regards to going between doors, in which case you might end up in very differen't locations, but random teleporting will not be the whole of it.

`  You have to find the weapons, and use them on other's hiding spots, and use others to repair others.  This might be a bit like Doom, or possibly Myst.  I could have also made it first person as you only drag and let go of the items onto different parts of the Kraken.  However, this funny ghost Penguin you play as is there to give an explanation of the far wall of the room/overhead camera angle that wouldn't work in a first person game, and the lack of camera angles per location.

`  However, this game is, as mentioned at the top, a bit like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.  I hope it will feel a bit like a Bollywood movie in a little while, for the full one will involve random twists and turns in the plot, and possibly other people. 

`  Find and repair the weapons, and beat up the Kraken.  Maybe not for silver points like Team GatoNOW YOU CAN ALSO BEAT UP THE DEAD, THEN UN-DEAD CAPTAIN STRONG!!!


It was a failed expiriment.  There might be more, though.

How do I do it?  I just make a scene that's outside and inside twice.  When your penguin walks inside, everything gets lighter as your eyes adjust, and when you go out, everything, including the inside of the room, gets darker as your eyes adjust to the outside.  I've also been using some static bloom effect and a good deal more contrast.  That's only in the lost coast, though, where you need to go after you kill the Kraken.  I was actually not thinking about the HalfLife2 Lost Coast HDR demo when I decided to use a beach for mine.  However, with this kind of 2D third person technology that's all done for me with the AdventureMaker, I was only able to implement that because there was a frame with parts of it inside and outside, in which you can go in.


Subliminal advertisement?

 Well, yeah, pretty much.  I know it's illegal on TV, but I think it will be fine on the web, if I tell everyone what I'm doing.  I think that I'll need more than 9/10 of a second worth of footage before the 1/10 of a second flash of "WINDOWSHADES", but at least people will be curious.  Are you?  Then, you the player will see the scene in the game, and 

because WindowShades has been hammered into your head via that .gif, you'll be hooked . . . I hope.

`  At least people will be thinking of WindowShades more.  Really, I should have a lot of footage before the flash of "WINDOWSHADES", but people want their pages to eventually load.  Normally, the message will be so quick that they'll see it, but will barely think about it.  Then when the watcher sees a WindowShades screenshot, they'll want to see the game because the message that WindowShades is free has already entered their minds without them knowing it.  Cool, no?  Well, I bet that in the Sprite commercial, it's really just so funny people just buy Sprite, and I guess it's just the case like that here.  I never knew that people knew about this kind of stuff in the 80s when my Mom learnt not to put this in commercials because it's illegal.


Just wait, another page will be up with the updates.  Below is a hint the download of the demo.  Stay tuned, for the plot will hit some drastic turns.  Maybe Penguin should have been locked up with Ico.

`  To give you a hint, PSISexyBeam counters all ugliness and extreme temperatures. 

download old demo (you only want to do so for comparing, trust me)



With origional artwork:

Regular Frames without any characters but with origional art.



 Other scenes:

Weird Concept art: