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(6/Dec/2007) Hmmm . . . I removed the links to and in the above area since the former is no longer running and I had accidentally linked to the wrong site in the link to the latter site.

(11/Oct/2007) I finished Mr.School.  It'll be the twelfth of October in thirty minutes . . . Either way, it's a funny story full of political commentary about a tomboyish girl . . . who's a psychic and a scientific genius . . . who also sounds terribly hillbillyish . . . who lives in Allo's Town.  She becomes M.C.Janxin while trying to un-stickmanify the stickmen, if you're wondering.  Someone named Amaranth says that my story contains too many dependent clauses, run-on sentences, uses of the word 'then', and changes of tense.

(21/Sep/2007) Hey, that page is up, but not complete.  My RPG has as little plot and as much excitement as Rent.  The only difference is that the excitement has mainly been inspired by F.E.A.R.  I kinda already said that, but oh, well.  Still, if you're a Fuzion game master looking for some material at a semi-elite game level (and maybe one who wants to run their game on IM :P), then this is the right place.  I'm sure you insanely observant readers might also have seen a few other very minor format changes.

(6/Aug/2007) I'm gonna start working on a page with info on my RPG, mmkkaayy??  Maybe I'll actually write some of 'em myself for a much sexier reading experience (and I mean sexy in the computer interface sense.  My RPG isn't any worse than Rent plus F.E.A.R.).