Prof. Dr. Andreas Hefti


Andreas is Professor of Economics at the School of Management and Law, Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He also holds a part-time appointment at the Economics Department, University of Zurich, and is  a Teaching Fellow at the Economics Department, University of Basel.

His research centers on behavioral economics, applied game theory and microeconomic theory in general.

Explaining the world (or producing a likewise illusion):

My current research focuses on:

  • How markets work (or fail) in presence of boundedly rational agents with Limited Attention.

  • How individual heterogeneity in mental dispositions can explain individual and aggregate behavior in strategic contexts, such as trading in asset markets.
  • How distributive effects and inequality can be systematically analyzed in equilibrium models

  • How different information structures affect market power and strategic equilibrium bidding in multi-unit auctions.

  • How financial intermediation in an economy with scarce labor may improve or reduce aggregate economic growth despite competitive labor markets.

  • How local and global incentives may affect the heterogeneity within and between groups of competing individuals.

  • How social comparison among individual decision-makers may affect individual and cultural propensity to take risks.

I work both theoretically and empirically, e.g., using lab experiments.