I convened the PG module SO819 Analysis of Quantitative Data - running in Spring terms, and gave the quantitative methods lectures for SO602 Methods of Social Research. I ran several methods workshops in the past years, including Multilevel modelling workshops at the University of Kent (as a part of ESRC DTC training), Tilburg University (as a part of EDACwowe) and University of Hamburg. 


The two main modules I teach on are

  • I convene SO544 Gender, Work and Equality - which focuses on why the gender pay gap exists and what we can do about it.
  • I also teach a big bulk of the Welfare state theory modules on UG SA503 A Future for the Welfare State? & PG SO872 International Social Policy

In addition to this I give a variety of lectures around gender issues, East Asian welfare state and labour market policies:

·         UG SO337 Fundamentals of Sociology
·         PG SO877 Comparative Social Policy


I am supervising a number of students including undergraduates, MAs and Ph.Ds. 
Past Ph.Ds include

  • Taehoon Lee (2012- 2015) - 'New and Old Risks in Korean Social Policy: the case of the National Pension Scheme'  (Mphil) - currently head of section at the National Pension Service in Korea
  • Yeosun Yoon (2011 - 2016) - 'Varieties of labour division: segmented labour markets and divided workforce in the UK' (passed viva with minor corrections) - currently a Research Fellow at UCL
  • Eva Kleinert (2014 - 2018) – ‘Linking Varieties of Capitalism and gender labour market inequality’ (passed viva) - currently a Senior Researcher with the Scottish Government
  • Marc Wigley (2013 - 2020) - 'Social Capital, Welfare and Well-Being: Implications for the Social Economy'

Current students include
  • Silvia Girardi (committee member at KU Leuven) (2015 - ) - Social assistance in Europe in relation to the different labour markets
  • Gianna Maria Eick (2017 -) Attitudes towards immigration among higher educated population
  • Hyojin Seo (2018 - ) Dualisation and women's labour market positions
  • Alafaka Tobin (2018 - ) Burnout among physicians in Nigeria

The University of Kent provide a number of PhD bursaries. If you are interested in doing a Ph.D. with me, just email me!