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Research Interest

My research interests are broadly around issues concerning cross-national comparative analysis of welfare states and their labour markets. My main focus in on job demands and resources and national policies to see how they impact individuals’ capabilities to tackle issues confronted in the spheres of work and life.

Some key questions include; the impact of social and labour market policies on the level of work-family conflict of individuals, role of worker-centred working-time flexibility and job autonomy in facilitating individuals to balance work with other aspects of life, subjective employment and income insecurity of individuals and the impact of national policy structures or other socio-economic factors. In addition, I am interested in the gender dimension of these questions.

My main research method is quantitative data analysis using cross-national/European data with multi-level modelling techniques, but I also use qualitative methods including interviews and policy analyses.

My key interests include
  • European welfare states & labour market
  • Labour market flexibility, Employment insecurity
  • Working time flexibility, Job autonomy
  • Work-life balance, Work-family conflict
  • Gender equality and gender norms
  • Cross-national data, European data 
  • Multi-level modelling, other advance quantitative methods
  • Policy and document analysis