About Me

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I completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh between 1997 and 2001. My specialist subjects were Modern Continental Philosophy (Husserl’s phenomenology), Philosophy of Religion and Aesthetics. The remainder of my studies covered most of the major sub-disciplines (metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, logic, philosophy of science, ancient philosophy, moral & political philosophy and history of modern philosophy). I had the good fortune to be taught Kant’s metaphysics and moral philosophy by the great Rae Langton.


I started my postgraduate career at the University of Sheffield in 2002. After completing a Research Training Year working on Peirce’s pragmatism, philosophy of language and epistemology, I began my PhD in 2003, working with Prof. Chris Hookway. I submitted my thesis in September 2007, passed my viva voce in November and graduated in July 2008.

I took up my first post as a Teaching Associate at the University of Sheffield in February 2007. During two consecutive appointments I taught three courses at levels 1, 2 and 3. At level 1, ‘Reason & Argument’ (an introduction to informal logic), at level 2 ‘Descartes & the Empiricists’ and at level 3, ‘The Philosophy of Language’. In September 2008 I took up a temporary appointment as ‘University Teacher of Philosophy’ at the University of Nottingham. I taught a level 3 module in Pragmatism and a level 1-2 module in Applied Ethics. I was then recruited by Sheffield once again, where I developed and taught a course in Critical Thinking for non-philosophy postgraduates (a new venture for the department). I also collaborated with the Business School as part of the department's efforts to widen participation in philosophical training. 

In July 2011 I joined the faculty of California State University, Fullerton as a tenure-track Assistant Professor as their resident Metaphysics and Epistemology specialist.


When I am not doing my best to conquer the world of academia, I am a keen musician. I played in rock bands throughout my adolescence and undergraduate days; I also dabble in electronica. I also like to take pictures - see the galleries in the sidebar or my Flickr page. I am a keen cook, and can recommend these food sites and these wines.