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  • European Social Policy Analysis Network conference: “Explaining work-life conflict of men & women in Europe”. University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. 6th -8th of September.
  • Social Policy Association & East Asian Social Policy Association Joint conference: “Explaining work-life conflict of men & women in Europe: gender differences and disentangling the impact of social policy” & “Multi-dimensions of gender norms across European countries” York, UK, 16th - 18th July.
  • International Conference on Cross-national comparison of working time (For the Industrial and Labor Relations Review): “The varying company performance outcomes of working-time flexibility practices”, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada. 19th - 20th, April
  • IZA Workshop Non-Standard Employment in a Comparative Perspective: “Employment insecurity across Europe: variance across occupations and sectors”. Institute for Labour Studies (IZA), Bonn, Germany. 29th - 30th, March