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Book: Intoxication: Heathcliff on Powell Street

Art Memoir of 1978 Austin, TX


CD: Send in the Clown

 Live radio broadcasts performance poetry 










Send in the Clown: Live Radio Broadcasts of

Performance Poet Hedwig Gorski on KUT-FM in Texas


Performance poet Hedwig Gorski has become an international phenomenon since leaving the Austin, Texas, club scene and underground poetry circles there. Her 2007 book titled Intoxication: Heathcliff on Powell Street (ISBN 1427604754) chronicles the mood of the late 1970s and early ‘80s in romantic, crazy Austin quite well. But the release of the audio CD proves that Gorski was ahead of her time, leading the avant-garde she claims for American literature. She returns with a Ph.D. in creative writing, a bit after-the-fact but appropriate for the reachable intellectualism of the texts she performs “eerily” with East of Eden Band members. Band members include poet/spoken vocalist Hedwig Gorski, leader/musical compositions/guitar D’Jalma Garnier, drums/percussion Booka Michel, bass Horatio “Cola” Rodriguez.


The CD and MP3 downloads and other items by and about Hedwig Gorski are sold on, iTunes and elsewhere. Visit to learn more about the “Futurist” artist-poet.


WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING about the album and poet


 “I can't get over how good this stuff sounds and how important regional poetry can be. Wish there were more like you."                     

                                Bob McCarthy, CHUO-FM89 Radio         Ontario, Canada


"Very popular on the underground circuit. She is remarkably good at telling stories of people, either descriptions of them ("Teenager in Nova Scotia"; "Peek Now You Acid Tripper"), or, seemingly, as personal experiences related as a commentary on what moticates people ("A Drunken Savoir"). These folks are professional and interesting." 

                               Bix Larda, Sound                                                               


“Gorski is alien, gypsy; she makes the mundane, the obvious seem—no, become—otherwordly. The East of Eden Band is a rock n' roll  fettle.”            

                                Austin Chronicle                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


 "Gorski is widely acknowledged as one of our innovative and most compelling poets."                                                                                 

                                New Texas Magazine


"Gorski's poetry is close to music, with effective sound play. She creates images that soothe, tease, cut to the bone."

                                        John Herndon,                        Austin-American Statesman.


"A first-rate multi-media language artist and literary talent of wide ranging skills and accomplishments."

                                        Loris Essary,                        Noumenon Foundation


"She is an avant-garde artist who successfully blends her love of performance and sound with the dreamy images of spiritual and philosophical musings spiralling from her curioser and curioser mind's eye."                                                                                 

                                           Ric Williams, Litera



Poet’s Biographic Notes

Dr. Hedwig Gorski


Hedwig Gorski (born in Trenton, New Jersey 1949) is a gypsy artist-poet who received a variety of awards that span traditional genres and disciplines for literary media works in poetry and drama. She coined the term “performance poetry” in the Austin Chronicle to describe poems recorded during radio broadcasts with East of Eden Band.  By 1994, Gorski published three books of poetry and released several audio albums. Intoxication: Heathcliff on Powell Street, the latest book published by Slough in 2007, is a memoir/archive about her 1978 experimental verse theater in Austin. Her BFA degree is in painting from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, a world famous radical art school that introduced her to media and conceptual art.


She received a doctorate in creative writing in 2001, Louisiana Artist’s Fellowship in 2002, and a Fulbright to lecture in Poland in 2003. The radio drama Thirteen Donuts, a charming tribute to Polish immigrants in New Orleans during the Solidarity years in Poland, received an award from National Audio Theatre in 2002. She is a member of the Polish American Historical Association and read from Intoxication at their conference in Washington, DC, in January 2008. Some of her performance poems have been translated into Polish and published in Okolica, an important Polish journal. The re-issue on CD of live radio broadcasts at the University of Texas with East of Eden Band is funded by the Louisiana Division of the Arts.


Gorski states: “The title of the CD, Send in the Clown, satirizes an understatement of the poet in American society, shouting from the top of her lungs like an amusement similar to those Def Poets on television, with little or no consequence. Postmodern poetry is drowning in forgettable texts with nothing new or significant enough to compete even with conventional entertainment. Twenty-first century poetry needs to reconnect with the inventive aesthetics found in deeper modernist roots and high-modernist masters, such as Eliot, Pound, and Gertrude Stein. I see my all-American avant-gardism in a sort of trendy global way as a continuation of Mayakovsky’s compassionate form of Russian Futurism in the 1910s. The poems I write express solidarity with a hidden third world in the United States that I cannot ignore. More and more, that hidden third world includes women. We need to raise awareness of the second-class citizenship women face in this nation.”


The poet-artist resides on the Vermilion Bayou in south Louisiana with her husband D’Jalma Garnier and has just completed a new unpublished manuscript of “print” poems titled Glass Straw that skirts around the implications of Hillary Clinton’s defeat for the twenty-first century woman.




Learn more about “Send in the Clown” on the following sites:                                                       

poet’s website


"You can call me Jadzia" 

Black & White head shot by Janet Nehrbass 2009