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Photographs by Mark Christal


 Photographs by Alfred Wishart   


 Photgraphs by Danna Byrom

In the Carencro, Louisiana office 2006 (above)

With Vaclav Havel backstage at Bob Dylan's Prague concert Oct. 2003.

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With blues musician Babe Stovall in Mississippi 1973
(photo taken by an anonymous mandolin player who drove all to Mississippi)
While living in New Orleans, Gorski befriended the Delta blues musician famous for his recording of "Coal Black Mare." He busked tourists in Jackson Square Park for tips and even "food stamps, 'cuz I gots to eat," as Stovall used to joke. Many young players would pick up chops at the park. One, a mandolin player who took this photograph of Gorski and Stovall, drove with several admirers to visit blues guitarist Roosevelt Sykes in a dry county in Mississippi. Sykes had his amplifier set up in a small elevated wood shack on a bone dry orange dirt road. Neighbors gathered outside to listen to Stovall and Sykes jam. A bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 was passed around, but then the local sheriff arrested Stovall for intoxication when he walked to the corner store for a boiled egg. He was released to Sykes a short while later. The sheriff advised Sykes that his New Orleans friend should leave the Mad Dog at home in New Orleans when traveling to Mississippi.

Artist Susan Kiley, sculptor Jimmy Colavita, and Hedwig Gorski in New Jersey 1974.

(Photo by Jim Branham)