Photographs by   M a r k   C h r i s t a l

Hedwig Gorski reads/performs at Joy Cole's Greenhouse Reading Series

 L to R: Hedwig Gorski, Pat Littledog, Chuck Taylor, Rob Russell in Austin park.


Poets Hedwig Gorski and Konstantin Kuzminsky, Joy Cole's Greenhouse. (Above) 



Hedwig Gorski at Voltaire's Basement, the make-believe bookstore and venue; Hyde Park.








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Pat Littledog and Hedwig Gorski at Elizabeth Ney Museum.


Hedwig mugs for the camera with a poetry fanzine on Ave. C. Austin


D'Jalma Garnier and Hedwig Gorski at Barton Creek for a Chronicle photo shoot (below).  




Silver print of Hedwig Gorski (above).