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Sept. 19, 2011. National Poetry Series Finalist. A new manuscript of poems written for paper was a finalist in the 2011 National Poetry Series selection process. "I started writing this collection in 2004 after returning to Louisiana upon completion of my Fulbright in Poland, and revising it ever since. The poems are anti-war, anti-greed, anti-addiction, anti-discrimination, and anti-totalitarian. It protests the global affairs of state we see on CNN, BBC, on the floor of Congress, read about in The Guardian and New York Times: the creeping movement backwards toward a retro society scraping against the momentum of light and change. Most importantly, the poems stand up for artists and writers like myself who form an international family of observers and reporters striving for justice with as much passion and intelligence as poets strive for the balance of words, art, and meaningfulness. I had no idea the poems would become more relevant in 2011 than they were when I began writing about this iceberg planet's political gyre." 
Sept. 24, 2011. 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Hedwig Gorski will be a bookend reader ending a sequence of readings starting with Louisiana's former Poet Laureate Darrell Bourque at 7 PM, Acadiana Center for the Arts, in solidarity with the worldwide events for the cause of change.
August 2010. See the videos* on YouTube, the Performance Poetry channel of PerfectoMedia. http://www.youtube.com/PerfectoMedia 
Coming Soon 2 videos*: Video of performance poem  "Teenager in Nova Scotia" and the State Dept. Digital video Conference of Hedwig's presentation at the Jozi Spoken Work Fest 2009 in Johannesburg, S. Africa
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August 30, 2009
 The transcript of a television interview Hedwig Gorski did with Robert Creeley on KLRN-TV in 1982 is published in a special Robert Creeley issue of the Turkish journal JAST, Journal of American Studies of Turkey ISSN 1300 - 6606 Aug. 31, 2009. Contact info:

Barış Gümüşbaş, Editor, Dept.of Am.Lit. & Cul.,Hacettepe University, Ankara, 06….. Turkey    gumusbas@yahoo.com; jast@bilkent.edu.tr


August 20. 2009


Hedwig Gorski’s poems “Drunken Savior” and “Mood Indigo” audio of performance poetry with from re-mastered CD Send in the Clown are published online in the inaugural issue of a new online journal of avant-garde poetry and literature Toxic Poetry  http://site.toxicpoetry.com/E-Book.php


February 2009 

Booby, Mama! (six pages of the 1978 neo-verse drama are published in karawane in print)
Feb. 2009

Laura Winton, Dept. of Theatre Arts, U. of Minnesota
Laura Winton Department of Theatre Arts & Dance University of Minnesota 580 Rarig Center 330 21st Avenue Minneapolis MN 55455
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June 11, 2008
FLASH: Louisiana Gypsy CD will drop in 2010 preorder on amazon.com.
June 11, 2008 
FLASH: View FLICKR for lovely black and white photos of Gorski and other poets on the important Microcosm of the Performance Poetry movement scene in Austin, Texas during the late 1970s to early 1990s. Mark Christal is an under-appreciated photographer of Poets and his archives are being made available under Taoboy on FLICKR. Craig unerwood aka craig Legg, a leading underground figure during this time has uploaded his archives, on-the-fly photos and on-the-run posters from this time focusing on the PUnk and alternative music and social scenes. Come on, y'all, with videos and boxes of archives, join the fun and travel back in time. take control of the present with documentations from the past. I want to go through my boxes to upload before the University of Texas gets them.  Check links section.
APRIL 10 2008
FLASH: Neo-verse drama "Booby, Mama!" in Karawane. The poem for voices which was Produced as Conceptual Art and chronicled in the art memoir intoxication: heathcliff on Powell street will be published in excerpt by summer 2008 in online literary journal of unusual performance in Karawane.
APRIL 9, 2008 
FLASH: IPOD THISThe performance poetry radio audio MP3 and MP4 is on Itunes and amazon.com now for download. Carry it close to the heart or on the head.
aPRIL 9, 2008
New Power Point Slide show available now. 
aPRIL 9, 2008
Send in the Clown - New audio CD of Performance Poetry by Hedwig Gorski funded in part by the Louisiana Division of the Arts out in DEc. 2008. Sold on Amazon.com and Itunes and elsewhere. http://cdbaby.com/cd/hedwiggorski

FACT - Did you know?: Hedwig Gorski was a founding writer on The Austin Chronicle bi-weekly started by Nick Barbaro and Luis Black. She started and named the Litera column in 1982 to provide literature news and wrote it before passing it on to Kathleen Weager, producer and girlfriend of Butch Hancock at the time.


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IPOD THIS:  ITunes and other audio download sites will offer individual performance poetry radio recordings by Hedwig Gorksi in July 2008!



Poem: From Box to Living Room to Box



Sample audio clips of Live Radio Performance Poems http://www.southernartistry.org/Hedwig_Gorski


Real Player audio files of complete performance poems with East of Eden Band.




FLASH    The transcript of this 1982 interview will be published in a Turkish literary journal during 2008, if all goes well. Sign up to receive email news to learn when it comes out.


  Guide to the Robert Creeley Papers, 1950-1997

1982 May ... Interview of Hedwig Irene Gorski



Guide to the Allen Ginsberg Papers, 1937-1994

Creeley, Robert. 2 tc, 2 ans, 8 tls, 1 td, 1 photograph (photocopy), 1 broadside, ...... Gorski, Hedwig Irene. ----------------. [ Box 330 ] [ Folder 12 ] ...


Guide to the Ricardo Sánchez Papers, 1941-1995

Gorski, Hedwig - Fullbright applicant (1982). ----------------. [ Box 24 ] [ Folder 40 ] Gruenbeck, Laurie (1986). ----------------. [ Box 24 ] ...


         Inventory of the Gary Snyder Papers

Gorski, Hedwig August 8, 1985. ----------------. [ Box II 66:71 ] Gorski, Hedwig [April 14, 1986]. ----------------. [ Box II 66:72 ] ...



Intoxication: Heathcliff on Powell Street published by Slough Press




FLASH  Craig Legg, the alias for legendary producer Craig Underwood, has uploaded his archives of posters and photos of the Austin Poetry and Music scene during 1980 decade. His Flickr site includes East of Eden Band  and Hedwig Gorski. The photos include Voltaire's Basement, a bookstore and alternative arts & punk music milieu that Gorski named and ran. The downtown basement had a notorious apartment where many famous writers lived, including Gorski with D'Jalma Garnier, Ricardo Sanchez with his family, Pat Littledog, Chuck Taylor, and Underwood.


Craig Legg's photo set on FLICKR





Mark Christal's photo set of Hedwig Gorski and the Jack Kerouc Conference in Boulder, 1983



View more Mark Christal photos on the Hedwig Gorski site 


  • Photo Journal of Gorski's Fulbright Fellowship in Poland 2003-04 includes backstage photos at Bob Dylan's concert in Prague 1993, w/ Vaclav Havel   http://hedwiggorskifulbright.googlepages.com
  • “It was Oct. 2003 in Prague that I got to kiss again the gentleman wit on his cheek. Bob thanked me for the kiss as if he were playing in his mind Jesse James, a gentleman outlaw.” Hedwig Gorski to interviewer
  • East of Eden Band photo in Austin on South Congress by Alan Pogue  in high  res                                  http://www.flickr.com/photos/heathcliff-on-powell-street/468781943/


Art work


Paintings, drawings, photos, and more available.


East of Eden Band

Band Site




High Res Band Photo        





Early Breakfast w/Hedwig Gorski Band. ...




East of Eden Band: Information From Answers.com

The new configuration used the band name Early Breakfast with Hedwig Gorski after the play title by Jon Westerfield, who wrote a series of theatrical ...



East of Eden Band at AllExperts

The lead vocalist and poet for the band was Hedwig Gorski (who often used the name Hedwig GG) is described as a "charismatic" character by The Austin ...


Theater & Drama 

Where to Find


AIH Poetry Forum

Feb. 12, 2008, Tuesday 7:30 pm, Reading and Signing,

Intoxication: Heathcliff on Powell Street.

all welcome
The Art Institute of Houston Poetry Club presents Slough Press readings by Hedwig Gorski, Chuck Taylor, and Ken Jones at Borders Books in Houston, TX  Kirby Lane 


Polish Amreican Historical Association panel reading Jan 2008 Washington DC.  

Polish American artists  





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            Selected but full CV     http://Hedwig.Gorski.Litera.googlepages.com/home


            Poland Fulbright Photo Journal    http://hedwiggorskifulbright.googlepages.com




4/2008: Jerome Rothenberg responded to Gorski's question about who is the current poetry avant-garde.

Rothenberg:  [They desginate themselves; I don't.] paraphrased response

Gorski:  Poets weaken our times by remaining neutral. Those labeled avant-garde were witch-hunted during the 1990s causing Americans to fear art more than war. The conservative political machince hexed the words liberal and, along with it, avant-garde. Rothenberg, you are discreet and respectful.