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 New Video of Deconstruction by composer D'Jalma Garnier of a poem by Hedwig Gorski titled "Rising Melodic Chords" and re-titled "Brooding Black Face" on the new CD Send in the Clown 

Presented at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Dec. 6, 2008
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"Teenager in Nova Scotia" is on YouTube by way of the Vermilion River in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Aug. 17, 2010: Found this on Wikipedia . . .

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In contrast to Corso's use of marriage as a synecdoche for a Beat view of women, postmodern feminist poet Hedwig Gorski chronicles a night with Corso in her poem "Could not get Gregory Corso out of my Car" (1985, Austin, Texas) showing the womanizing typical for heterosexual Beat behavior[3]. Gorski criticizes the Beat movement for tokenism towards women writers and their work, with very few exceptions, including Anne Waldman, and post-beats like Diane DiPrima and herself. Male domination and womanizing along with tokenism by its major homosexual members characterize the Beat Literary Movement. Beats scoffed at the Feminist Movement which offered liberalizing social and professional views of women and their works as did the Beat Movement for men, especially homosexuals[4].

Where can I find the text to this poem "Could not get Gregory Corso out of my Car"? per medino

We found the lines in another HG poem. Here it is:

adventure without pain up I-35


destination NEW ORLEANS, to

drive south  I-49 for fast joy on I-10

hot flushed cheek adventure rules    

New Orleans to

an apartmentized southern mansion on Esplanade

drenched with smooth skinned youth tatooed in mud

permanently resting on the run-down neoclassical colonnades


gaudy women downstairs made of rubber bounced off hard times describe a

lusty city only savage now and then   

to shiny local beat hero  nineteen  she learns

just what’s necessary to enjoy adventure

avoid pain from Allen and Peter


destination MEXICO CITY from Austin on public transportation

all the way to Teotihuacan pyramids through every dusty village

decorated with colored tissue paper

an aimless at the expanse of sand-colored distance

climb the pyramids doze on the stone rim

“last public bus left exactly one hour ago”

help little village boy on top of the pyramid of the sun

brave girl with her visa 

whose brush can’t untangle the wind from her hair    


TEOTIHUACAN after dark, (remember to wake)

sound bites her ears   city of the gods comes alive   like a disco

Boris Karloff’s aging voice narrates the cheap tourist light show directs attention to

a stone sacrificial pit    

where the sleeping girl sought shelter

before the garish show

dreaming to death


of Votan, the local boy called Quetzalcoatl,

his Toltec Wotan.

Yes, she was a desirable young boy uncombed hair

once sacrificed for the good of the others     

heart sliced like beef

stranded alongside false light

attractive to moths

adventure without pain

for easy boys I lead


up I-35 on a run

for CONFESSION departing forever

pyramids of the sun and moon

taut souls of stupid youth

puppies peeing on the floor

everything is forgiven in advance

the heavenly bodies

would say if mystics those would channel

before and cosmic wind would blow

Gregory Corso out of my car  

we two can rob adventure of pain


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