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Photo by Sandy Lisnak 

Free-use photo taken in 2008. May be copied and downloaded without restrictions.

Hedwig Gorski (born 1949) is an American ''performance poet'' who is famous for coining that phrase in the late 1970s and literary art that came out of her search for a marriage of visual art traditions and literature. While working as a journalist, she named and initiated much of the terminology during the 1980s in common usage today. She now calls herself an ''artist-poet'' and ''gypsy inter-un-disciplinarian'' who is postmodern, post-Beat, and not neo-Beat (]. After a successful career as a performance poet presenting conceptual art in drama, verse, and with her musical spoken word band, ''East of Eden Band,'' a darling of international alternative and public radio, she became a scholar because, as she states, "I always wanted to be called an intellectual and never felt that I was using my high IQ to full capacity. I wanted to test myself against centuries of academic standards. I was looking for ''my people'' after my dearest bohemian friends died or went crazy, and I found them in some parts of  Academia land. It seems that those of us who remained had the same idea." She received a doctorate in creative writing and a senior Fulbright Fellowship 2003-04 to lecture about literature at the University of Wroclaw in Poland [visit the Fulbright Photo Journal,].