Hedwig Irene Gorski, Ph.D.

"Please give my very best wishes to Hedwig Gorski whose analysis is a work of art."

A. S. Byatt, novelist, wrote in an email dated 7/28/2006 to the publishers of "Riddle."


Academic and Professional Curriculum Vita (Updating during May 2011)



Publications (Selected)



Interview with Robert Creeley. Transcript of Television Interview with Poet. Ed. Baris Gumusbas. JAST. Turkey, Aug. 2009.  


“The Riddle of Correspondences in A. S. Byatt’s Possession: A Romance and H. D.’s Trilogy." Storytelling. Vol. 5 No. 4, Summer 2006, Washington: Heldref Publications, 223-35.



Book Reviews


Rev. of (Un)masking Bruno Schulz: New Combinations, Further Fragmentations, Ultimate Reintegrations. Dieter De Bruyn and Kris Van Heuckelom, eds. Amsterdam - New York: Rodopi, 2009. Creative Work: Pennsylvania Literary Journal: Volume III: Issue 3 (Volume 3) Winter 2011.


Rev. of East Europe Reads Nietzsche. Ed. by Alice Freifeld, Peter Bergmann, et al. Stirrings Still: The International Journal of Existential Literature. Vol. 3 No. 2, Winter 2006. <>.


Rev. of Sharp Cut: Harold Pinter’s Screenplays and the Artistic Process. By Steven H. Gale. Stirrings Still: The International Journal of Existential Literature. Vol. 3 No. 2, Winter 2006. <>.


Rev. of The Cinema of Andrzej Wajda: The Art of Irony and Defiance. Ed. by John Orr and Elzbieta Ostrowska. “Wajda's Films Bequest the Irony in Polish History: On The Cinema of  Andrzej Wajda.” Film-Philosophy: International Salon-Journal. Vol. 8 No. 40, November 2004. <>.


Reference Books 


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Creative Writing

Texas, Beatest State in the Union, three poems in anthology, Lamar UP, upcoming 2016.

A Few Lines Magazine, two poems, 2011.


Poetique: Speak-Songbook. College Station: Slough P, Feb. 2010. Semi-finalist for Balcones Prize.      (read more)

"Deconstruction of Rising Melodic Chords, Hedwig Gorski Poem." Composer, D'Jalma Garnier. Toxic Poetry. Second Issue. Exhibition No. 2. Jan. 2010. <>.

"Drunken Savior," "Mood Indigo." Toxic Poetry. Premier Issue. Exhibition No. 1. Aug. 2009. <>.        

 Karawane. No.10. Excerpts from neo-verse drama poem for voices Booby, Mama! 2009. (PDF) 

 "Mexico Solo." Polish American Historical Association Conference. Commemorative Broadside. Ed. Janusz Zalewski. 2008.


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“There’s Always Something That Can Make You Happy.” Poetry Repair Shop. East European Edition. 2005. 


            “Intellectual Love.” Poetry Repair Shop. 2006.


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                        Polish Gypsy with Ghost. Austin: Shinebone P, 1993.


                        "Slow Paradise." Poem Broadside. Photo by Mark Christal. Austin: Shinebone P, 1992.


                        Early Breakfast with Hedwig Gorski. Austin: Perfection Productions, 1992.  


                        Snatches of the Visible Unreal. Austin: Backyard P, 1991. 


Editing and Journalism


Coffee Break. Online journal of micro-fiction. College Station: Chuck Taylor, Jr., 2008.


        "Litera: Bi-Weekly Literary Arts Column.” Austin Chronicle. Austin: Austin Chronicle, 1982-84.


Senior Editor. Dead Tree. Austin: Dead Tree, 1981-82. Co-editor with Ricardo Sanchez. New Blood # 6: Chicano Literature and Art Supplement. Boulder: New Blood P, 1982.


            Guest Editor. Rumors, Gossip, Lies: Women’s Issue. Austin: Rumors, 1981.            

        “Texas Poets.” Harvard Crimson. November 18, 1980. Reprint online.


Other Published Art and Texts

  • Published drawings, photographs, poems, features, and interviews in a variety of national and international journals, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Designed and created contents for numerous arts posters, handbills, broadsides, theater programs, websites, and technical writing documents.

Media and Dramatic Works


Thirteen Donuts. By Hedwig Gorski. Dir. William Davies. Perf. Honors Players. KRVS, Lafayette. 13 Oct. 2000.

Booby, Mama!. By Hedwig Gorski. Dir. Hedwig Gorski. Perf. Ex Troupe. InterArt Works, Austin. March-April 1977.

Audio Recordings


“Slow Paradise.”  Podcast by Mongo. Show Number 962. Wed., 29 September 2010. <>.

To My Last Idol Bob Dylan.”  Podcast by Mongo. Show Number 714. Wed., 9 June 2010. <>.

“Mexico Solo.” Podcast by Mongo. Show Number 623. Mon., 9 November 2009. <>.

Send in the Clown. Selected Performance Poetry from Live Radio Broadcasts. Audio CD. Dec. 2009.

East of Eden Band. KUT-FM Live Set. Recording and broadcast, U of Texas, Austin. 1985.

"Intellectual Love." "Slow Paradise." "There's Always Something That Can Make You Happy." By East of Eden Band. Intimacies. KUT-FM Live Set. Recording and broadcast. U of Texas, Austin, 1986.


Snatches of the Visible Unreal. Duets by Hedwig Gorski and D’Jalma Garnier. Dir. Morgan Guidry. 1984.


Video Recordings


“Teenager in Nova Scotia.” By Hedwig Gorski. Video Illustrated Poetry. Producer PerfectoMedia. YouTube, Sept. 2010.


“Rising Melodic Chords.” Poem by Hedwig Gorski Deconstructed by Composer D'Jalma Garnier. Dec. 2008. YouTube:


Seven Simple Steps of Seduction. Dir. Seth Aronie. Boris Bodachesky Brothers, Austin, 1989.


"Teenager in Nova Scotia." By Hedwig Gorski. Dial-A-Poet-Series. Dir. Karen Minzer. Fort Worth, 1990.




Naked Children and Dragon Breath, Audio Anthology Project Tapes, Vols. 2-3. Poets Media Network.  1988-89.

Numerous recorded performance poems have been included in international/national sound recordings of collected poetry readings which were produced by various academic, independent, or arts producers.

Conferences and Presentations

Beat Fest, 2nd annual. Poetry readings in Austin Community College and various locations. Austin,                 TX. 1-3 November 2012.

Jozi Spoken Word Fest 2009, 3rd Edition, Workshop and reading. Video Conference U. S. Consulate, Johannesburg, S. Africa. 28 July - 9 August 2009.


Discussed/read prose. Polish American History Association. Janusz Zalewski, John Guzlowski, Chair. Washington DC, Jan. 2008. The 2008 PAHA Annual Meeting 3-6 January 2008 within the AHA conference in Washington, D.C. <>.


"A Texas Microcosm of the 1980s Performance Poetry Movement." Diasporic Avant-Gardes Conference. University of California at Irvine. 19-20 November 2004.


“Wisława Szymborska and the Context of Primary Witnessing after September 1939.” National Poetry Foundation International Conference: Poetry of the 1940s. University of Maine. 23-27 June 2004.

 “Ernest Gaines’s Black Louisiana.” Foreign Language Institute. Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa. Walbrzych, Poland. 16 Jan. 2004.

 “What is Cajun/Creole Culture?” Café Krzystofore. French Institute and American Consulate. Krakow, Poland. 22 Jan. 2004.

 “Radio Drama.” KRVS-FM. Deep South Writers Conference, University of Louisiana. Alumni Center. 12-15 Oct. 2000.

 “African-American Students: UL and Other Predominantly White Universities.” Colloquy for Teachers of English 101 and 90. University of Louisiana English Dept. Nicole Green, Chair. Spring 1997.

 “Younger Poets Midnight Reading.” Jack Kerouac Conference. University of Colorado and Naropa Institute. 18-23 July 1982.

 “Interview with Robert Creeley.” Artbeat. PBS. KLRN-KLRUTV. U of Texas, Austin. Feb. 1983.


Performances and Readings


A career as a well-known performance poet through the 1980s provided countless live poetry readings and band performances on a variety of radio stations, TV, and venues in addition to art exhibitions and performance art. Initiated and ran several reading series, including the famous Spellbound Spellperson's at Spellman's biker bar and cafe, weekly during 1980 in Austin, Texas.

Secondary Publications

Clinton, Alan. “Book Review of Intoxication: Heathcliff on Powell Street. Reconstruction: Studies in American Culture Vol. 7, No. 3, 2007. Transgressing the Frontier: Modernity, American Ideology, and Cinema. Ed. Bennett Huffman. <>.

 Wheeler, Susan. Voicing American Poetry: Sound and Performance from the 1920s to the Present. Cornell UP, 2008. 

Honors and Awards


Finalist for the National Poetry Series, 2011.


Southern Artistry Award, 2004.


Fulbright, 2003-04, University of Wroclaw, Poland.

         Artist Fellowship. Audio Media. Louisiana Division of the Arts. 2002-2003.

       Robert and Bernice Webb Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching - Advanced Level. Department of                 English, University of Louisiana. April 30, 2001.


National Audio Theatre Festivals Script Writing Competition for Thirteen Donuts, Fifth Place Honorable Mention Winner. April 15, 2001.


Producer Fellowship. Corporation for Public Broadcasting. WWOZ, New Orleans. 1994                                    


 City of Austin Commemoration of International Women’s Day Certificate, on the occasion of a University Co-Op Book Signing Honoring Women Authors, March 1990.


            Best Use of Language Judges Award for  “Mexico Solo.” Austin Music Umbrella Annual Songwriters                            Competition, Texas. 1987.


 Honorable Mention for “Glitter Streets.”  Austin Music Umbrella Annual Songwriters Competition, Texas. 1986.


Best Tape, # 12 Austin Chronicle Reader Poll for East of Eden Band. Texas, 1986.


For Service 


Honorary Senate Resolution. Texas Senate, Feb. 1994




Louisiana Division of the Arts. 2009


LCEF, 2009


Louisiana Division of the Arts. 2008


LCEF, 2008


Creative Capital Artists Retreat, LDA, Baton Rouge, 2008


Entrepreneur Grant, Louisiana Division of the Arts, 2007


Louisiana CEF, 2006


Mini-Grant, Media, Louisiana Division of the Arts, 2005


Mini-Grant, Literature, Louisiana Division of the Arts, 2004


Regional Arts Projects (NEA) Grant to create new work from Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, 1995


Austin Arts Commission (Four Literature Audio Recording Grants), City of Austin, Texas. 1985-89






UL English Department journal, Southwestern Review. 1999-2000


Hiring Committee. English Department faculty in Creative Writing. May 1998


L'Acadien, UL Yearbook staff photographer and writer, 1994-97




Designed Web Site for Slough Press, 2007


Literature Peer Review Panel for Arts Funding. Texas Commission on the Arts. 1992-94


Media Peer Review Panel for Arts Funding. City of Austin Arts Commission. 1985-86


Program Coordinator and Board of Directors for Texas Circuit Writers Service Organization. 1980-81




PhD    2001 Creative Writing University of Louisiana at Lafayette                                

MA     1997 English University of Southwestern Louisiana                            

BFA   1976 Painting Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS, Canada 


Dissertation Synopsis 


 "Wislawa Szymborska: Some Geographic Origins of a Postmodern Psyche" Chair: Dr. Willard "Skip" Fox.

This creative dissertation includes a full-length screenplay titled "Calling to Yeti" after Szymborska's poem. A critical introduction makes the connection between historical events in Poland beginning September 1939 with the German invasion with postmodern theory to discuss postmodern qualities in the Nobel laureate's poetics. The dramatic dialogue and settings incorporate aspects of her published texts and those of contemporaries constituted of the generation of Polish writers which includes Czeslaw Milosz. 


Teaching Experience


Pearson Education/, College Writing, 2004-Present


University of Louisiana, Continuing Education, Writing Instructor, 2005-10


University of Wroclaw, Poland, 2003-04, Fulbright Lecturer, Minority Literature; Graduate Academic Writing


University of Louisiana, Adjunct and Teaching Assistant, Writing and Literature, English, 1997-2003


Remington College, Art Instructor, 1994-95


Community Teaching


Designed courses, wrote syllabi for traditional and experimental creative writing classes:

          University of Louisiana since 1993    Austin Writers League 1992    University of Texas 1990-93

Languages  English; Polish, Fluent; French, Reading