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The Museum cannot guarantee the information but the stories appear useful.
For travellers on Crowsnest Highway 3 from Hope to Medicine Hat, Alberta we recommend "The Virtual Crowsnest" website, originally written as the travelogue of a man who bicycled the route from west to east, with the wind behind his back.  www.crowsnest-highway.ca     His lively description of Hedley as told to him by local residents is here:  http://www.crowsnest-highway.ca/cgi-bin/citypage.pl?city=HEDLEY
 Boulder climbing on Old Hedley Road:  http://www.drtopo.com/submitted/hedley.pdf
 Hiking and Biking Trail information in Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen: http://www.rdos.bc.ca/index.php?id=123
Trails.com covers both Canada and US outdoor activities with great 3d terrain maps. Even has the hike up Hedley Creek if you have patience enough to zoom it; also Nickel Plate Road. http://www.trails.com/trailfinder/browsebymap/?statecode=BC&lat=52.241256&lon=-120.322266&z=6&m=terrain&a=HK
 Paragliding from  Nickel Plate Mountain and landing on the ball diamond- 2007 film on youTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzVIbRDk6fc
Photographers zero in on detail in the valley and town: There's a Flickr photostream, but this one is newer and even better:
Tenacity,the story of Hedley, then and today   in over 300 annotated photos.    http://www.museevirtuel-virtualmuseum.ca/Search.do?R=VE_2338&lang=en&ex=on 
Profiles of residents present and past:  http://livingsignificantly.ca/category/hedley-times/

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