Independent Writing and Consulting Services

    Welcome to HedegardInk, an independent group of professional writers, grant experts, and consultants. Together, we can offer a complete array of services for your business, organization, or personal project. We offer competitive fees for service, quality content and editing, as well as a strong commitment to service and communication for clients. 

    At present, we offer services and expertise for the following types of projects:
  • Grant Proposal Writing, Review, and Process Management
  • Article Writing for Blogs, Websites, and E-Publications
  • E-Book, Newsletters, and Sales Copy
  • Curriculum and Training Program Development
  • Editing and Proofreading
    HedegardInk is currently a team of two independent professionals, both of which provide a unique set of talents and skills. Learn more about our team members at our 'meet the team' page. We provide our services on a freelance basis, which provides us tremendous flexibility and competitive structure. Also, it is important to know that all projects will be assigned to a team member best suited for the work, but another team member will review and edit the content. This provides a level of quality assurance that most independent or freelance writers simply aren't able to offer. 
    Thank you for visiting our site! We sincerely hope to collaborate on your current and future projects, and look forward to hearing from you!

Collin Hedegard