Mini-Grants for Teachers

2015 Mini-Grant Application
Please use the link at the bottom of this page to download the 2015 Mini-Grant for Teachers application.

About Mini-Grants
The Higher Education Cultural Roundtable (HECR), a consortium of Tulsa-area colleges and universities, annually awards "mini-grants" ranging from $50 to $250 to assist with schools' arts and humanities expenses including materials, equipment, supplies, guest lectures, artist fees and travel expenses to art events.
The Mini-Grant Award was created in 2003 to fund "mini-grants" for K-12 arts and humanities activities in the Tulsa area. HECR representatives feel strongly that special cultural activities must continue to be a part of students' curriculum, even in times of financial difficulty.

Spring 2013 HECR Awards Ceremony
2014 Mini-Grant Awards Winners
  • Glenpool High School
    Color printer & 3D material
  • Gleenpool Elementary School
    iPad Pocket Projector
  • Leisure Park Elementary
    Watercolor supplies
2013 Mini-Grant Awards Winners
  • Valerie Batchelor
    Hayward Smith Elementary School
  • Sherry Blenman
    Skelly Primary School
  • Shelly Collins
    Owasso Public Schools
  • Jim Kirby
    Carver Middle School
  • Adrienne Lee
    Berryhill High School
  • Nancy Phelps
    Safenet Services
  • Dania Santiago
    McKinley Elementary School
  • Julie Thomas
    Edison Preparatory School
  • Kristina Vassella
    Nathan Hale High School
  • Diane Williams
    Clyde Boyd Middle School
  • Julana Winegarten
    Mitchell Elementary School
Steve Wilson and Darlene Villalobos, 2012 HECR Mini-Grant Award Winner2012 Mini-Grant Awards Winners
  • Shelly Collins
    Owasso Sixth Grade Center
    Permanent Ceramic Tile Mural
  • Nancy Davis
    Undercroft Montessori School
    Poetry Books
  • Andrea Fort
    Haskell Middle School
    Color Printer for Art Room
  • Angela Harris
    Sequoyah Elementary
    Tempera Paints
  • Julie Johnston
    Memorial High School
    Pottery Glazes
  • Leland Leslie
    Central Ninth Grade Center
    Traditional Tea Bowls
  • Rita J. Montgomery
    Sand Springs Elementary Schools
    Sand Springs History Kits
  • Patti J. Pitcock
    Wesley Jarman Elementary
    Plays in Class Sets
  • Darlene Villalobos
    Newman Middle School
    String Art
  • Julana Winegarten
    Mitchell Elementary School
    Coil and Reed Baskets
HECR Tulsa,
Mar 6, 2015, 7:26 AM
HECR Tulsa,
Mar 6, 2015, 7:26 AM