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So here's how to use my website:

Some of this stuff is from 2 years ago when I was in Farmington...and some of it is missing....BUUUUT, by the end of the year, it'll be all Grosse Pointe stuff.  Bear with me.  :)

Find the subject you're interested in and you can look at a calendar (OOOOOH!) or watch videos or download assignments or notes or  whatever you need.  Well....not WHATEVER you need...but whatever Hecker-related stuff you need.  COOOOOL!

Some notes:

Calendar:  This tells you what we're doing each day in class and gives important due dates, test dates, etc.

Worksheets 'n' Stuff:  This allows you to download homework assignments and stuff.  Check it out.  Brought to you by Google Drive.

Videos:  These are left from when I was in Farmington.  Hopefully next year, I'll start making some new ones for Grosse Pointe.

Questions:  Email me at

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Frank and Sally being kids

And here's an older one of Frank.

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