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The Hidalgo Early College High School Robotics Team, team number 3028 (better known as The Nice Young Men) was formed last year in Hidalgo, Texas. This started when a group of students were asked to join robotics last year. We thought that this would be a new experience and just the fact that we could tell people "we made this" astounded us. When we started the team, it seemed like an overwhelming experience, learning new concepts such as programming that seemed awfully hard. However, as time passed by, we were encouraged by our teachers, Ms. Onato and Ms. Torres to persevere. With the help of our mentors Mr. Ethridge and Mr.Garza, we made a decent robot. Being our first year, we had no idea how much we were going to accomplish. As the competition neared, we grew with knowledge, as well as curiosity. During the competition, we found out how generous other teams were and how willing they were to help us. To everyone's amazement, we won many game matches. The experience felt amazing every time the team went to battle. It felt amazing knowing other teams wanted us, the "newbies", to be with them and to see people wanting to learn more about our robot. In the end, we played alongside teams 624 and 3103. Sadly, we were defeated but it wasn't a total loss. Many students have been inspired by our efforts and this year we will come back with a bigger team and better preparation, ready to help others through gracious professionalism. Try to win this tournament again and just have fun!

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