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I was explaining to a friend about our Hebrew Torah Reading Team.  It is much like being a part of an athletic team.  We commit to a learning and performing schedule.  We stretch the upper limits of what we think we can do, and we find ourselves growing to new capabilities week by week.  Not only do we commit to a schedule, we commit to the other players on the team.  We protect each other, help each other, check on each other, challenge each other, and congratulate each other for rising to the challenges.  Just finishing in the 45 minutes or less that we have allotted for our Torah reading schedule is one of our goals.  We have consistently met that goal, even when we are facing techno-troubles.  Even when we are bringing new readers on board, we are still coming in under the wire.  We do have time goals, so we work to read quickly and fluently, but we are also striving to read well: a matter of accuracy, style, and form.

Sometimes team members have to make decisions according to their priorities.  You can't play football and play in the band.  At least not until football season is over.

Go Team!