Michael Tsarion


New Age guru Michael Tsarion, who has recently been publicly exposed as a Freemason and generational occultist, has threatened physical violence against one of the people who assisted this exposure - Chris White, of the ‘Nowhere to Run’ internet radio show, who recently did a show on Tsarion’s occult connections, noting among other things that he is an admitted member of the Rosicrucian Order.

Michael Tsarion is a part of a standard counterintelligence operation. The subject has been written about extensively in government manuals, many of which are publicly available. The way it works is rather simple: when information that the powers that be are afraid of the general public having access to begins to come up from the grassroots, they then create an extremely well funded superstar to come out with that information, but mix it with other nonsensical information, such as aliens, tarot cards, astrology, and other fantastic or religious type of disinformation. People are drawn to the individual, who comes on the scene as a hero, because he is saying things that they know are true. They then swallow the rest of the nonsense along with it, because they trust the shill who is feeding it to them. The disinformation completely neutralizes whatever truth they have been given, and the shill will generally slowly crank up the level of fantastical disinformation as the years go on, as anyone who has followed Tsarion’s work is aware he has done.