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Jazz Band


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November 10th Heber Springs Night Out at the Community Center

Jazz Band Videos can be found on our youtube page!

Congratulations to the following student musicians for their recent success in the Region IX Jazz Tryouts.  
Region clinic info letter.

These students competed against students from Conway, Russellville, Vilonia, Morrilton, Dardenelle, Mountain View, Greenbrier, and Clinton for a limited number of spots available (only 5 seats per section per band are available to be placed) in one of two jazz bands at the region level.  Heber Springs is well represented!  

2015 Region Jazz Members

High school 
Victoria Mitchell-first, first (all state qualifier)
Matthew Godush-first, fifth (all state qualifier)
Dylan Miller-second, second
AJ Kramer, second, second
Ethan Dickeson-second, second
Alayna Adams-alternate
Laura Rawls-alternate

Jr High
Brett Morgan-first, first
Jaden Evans-first, third
Ethan Hackworth-first, first
Mary Katherine McKenzie-first, first
Seldon Humphreys-alternate

Set I (2017-18)

Sr Jazz Tracks

Jr Jazz Tracks
Baggage Claim Improv Track (first 16 bars only for tryout)

Set III (2016-17)

Sr Jazz Tracks
Watermelon Man-Herbie Hancock. Iconic solos by Freddie Hubbard, 
trumpet and Dexter Gordon, tenor sax

Have You Met Miss Jones-Chet Baker, trumpet

Jr Jazz Tracks

Unit 7 by Sam Jones (tune that improv changes are from)
Transcription of Cannonball Adderley solo
Tom Harrell trumpet solo transcription available here.
Try this bebop scale lick: 1 2 3 4 5 6 b7 7 8 7 b7 9 6 b6 5 8 5 b5 4 b3 3 1 7 b7


Great article on how to play swing & bebop tonguing:  The Basics of Jazz 
Ideas for use over sus chords
A treasure trove of transcriptions for saxophone and trumpet and guitar
More transcriptions by Steve Khan with analysis
Transcriptions of solos for C, Bb, Eb instruments - practice same solo with your buddy!
Need a lead sheet to a tune transposed for your instrument?  Go here!

Want to compose?  Here is a great online music notation program.  Noteflight
Go here to see scale series of I, ii, V, I blues.

See and hear bass line and piano voicing for a blues progression in F, Bb & Eb (created on Noteflight).

Go here to see how to develop a blues bass line (created on Noteflight). 
Have You Met Miss Jones solo

Jazz saxophone lessons online.  Sax on the Web
10 Jazz Scales you should know. 
Quickly learn major and minor chords at pdfjazzmusic.com 

 Historically significant artists listed in (semi) score order, then chronologically by birth.

Check out this mandolin player, David Grisman and Chris Thile with Edgar Meyer on bass.

Check out Victor Wooten and Edgar Meyer playing a duet on ONE bass!

Check out bass player Christian McBride here and Dave Holland here.

If you like the guitar playing in the movie, August Rush, check out Andy McKee

Caravan - Kenny Drew jazz trio
Great players and energy.  The drummer is incredible.

Tight band and awesome trombone playing!

Hey Jude - from Maynard Ferguson albums titled MF Horn I & II
Listen to how crazy they get at the end of the tune.  You really should listen to the Beatles version since Paul McCartney wrote Hey Jude.  And here is a version played by a high school jazz ensemble.

Chameleon - Part I, Part II - from Herbie Hancock's Headhunter album.  
Most people never listen to the "B" section!  Don't be one of these people.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Cannonball Adderly Quintet
Listen to Cannonball preach during the intro.  Live performance.

Gospel John - recording from Maynard Ferguson album Chameleon
from last.fm - you can check out the album version by clicking on player in upper right handcorner of page and also view a live youtube version from this page.  On the video notice the band of rhythm, 5 trumpets, 3 saxes, and 2 trombones. 

2014 Region Jazz Members

Jr High
Victoria Mitchell
Ethan Hackworth
Jaden Evans
Evan Hackworth

Sr High
Danielle Lange-All State Qualifier
Bailey Pearce
Matthew Godush
Michael Wheeldon

Haley Tillman
AJ Kramer

2013 Region Jazz Members
Sr. High
Charles St. John (all state qualifier)
Misty Porter
Matthew Godush
Danielle Lange (1st alternate)
Ethan Dickeson (2nd alternate)

Jr. High
Victoria Mitchell
Beau Tucker
Jaden Evans
Ethan Hackworth
Evan Hackworth
Bailey Pearce
A.J. Kramer
Brandon Loethan (2nd alternate)
Jacob Blasingame (2nd alternate)

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