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Beginning Band


Are We Hearing The Same Thing?

Write a short movie scene for the first couple minutes of class
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Listening 1
Visual Art 1
Listening 2

Renaissance/Middle Ages- Very Simple. Plain
Baroque- Overly complex and ornate. Show off music. Predictable. 
Classical- Simple melody.
Romantic- Moody. Unpredictable. Folky. 
Modern- Experimental. Simple. Breaking all rules.   


Christmas Concert Videos can be found on our youtube page!

Belt Requirements

Click Here to review lines & spaces.

Dixie Band Camp will be in June.  Start planning now! Look here for frequently asked questions about camp.

"My music education taught me to always keep trying. The first time that I became super frustrated with the challenges of playing music was when I was in 7th grade. That year, I started playing the marimba. I had never read pitches before, only rhythms, so this was very difficult at first. Even though it was hard and I became frustrated, I didn’t want to quit! My parents were definitely my greatest cheerleaders and my band director was so encouraging."  Patricia Dash, percussionist CSO 

Please check the calendar at the bottom of this page or the Home page often for important dates and times!  Events that concern the Beginning Band will be listed as BGR Band.


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