Super Heavy Duty Tarp

Customer Reviews 
Dry Top 312201 12-by-20-Foot Super Heavy-Duty 10-Mil UV Treated Tarp, White

1. We cover all our canopies here at FLOWERWOOD DACHSHUNDS so that they last longer. We have found if we put Dry Top Super Heavy Duty Tarps over them they last for years. The Dry Top Tarps are the best we have found, far superior to other tarps on the market. They last in the Ocala, Fla. sun for a year or more. Thank you Dry Top for your strong, well made tarps.

2. Find another tarp to purchase!
It is the full 12' X 20" and fits my frame correctly but after getting over (with the help of an Amazon credit for $13.00) Quality Distributing LLC beating me up on the shipping (packaged in a makeshift box, for $14+ per tarp they could have used a new box) , I received my tarps yesterday and after putting one up on the frame I read the package insert bragging about the features of the tarp.
I will assume that Quality Distributing LLC never checked to see that the features touted on the insert were in fact present on the tarp, since if they knew that would be fraud. On the insert it plainly states "Rope reinforced hem" and there is not even a small string, let alone a rope, in the hem.
I paid Quality Distributing LLC enough to have purchased three of the same tarps from Amazon and they are missing a feature espoused on the package. Make sure you buy a tarp from Amazon with Free Supersaver Shipping and not from Quality Distributing LLC with bend you over shipping.
I take full credit for clicking on the wrong button when I ordered but that does not negate the fact: the product is not as stated on the packaging.

3. I always recieve quality products and service from Amazon and this tarp is another example. This is a heavy duty tarp, heavier than the original one that came with the canopy I bought several years ago. Well worth the money!

4. looks better than my old, disintegrating blue tarp I bought from Home Depot .... I use these tarps (one more order coming)for laying down on top of the patio covers for shade and protection from rains ... I still have to see how long this will last comparing to 1 year under the hot summer California sun ....

5. It is an excellent fit for my 12X20 carport. I needed to add a couple of gromets to match the holes in the poles. The end result looks twice as good as the original cover and at half the price.

6. This helped me remodel my home and now it'll be used as a projector screen. It's a great value and a quality tarp. The rivets are less than great as others have described. One popped out right out of the bag. I can work around that though.

7. Excellent quality product, very durable, and well built. Purchased this as a floor liner for my grow room. Glad I was able to find exactly what I wanted on Amazon. Better price than the local hardware, and I never had to leave the house.