One of the most significant challenges facing the software industry is how to turn technical employees into the leaders that every company needs to achieve their goals.

Heavenstone, Inc. provides premier software and management consulting that helps companies diagnose and resolve issues within your organization from communications and roles and responsibilities to budgets, strategy, processes and execution to the human aspects of management. We apply tried and true techniques to develop strategies and processes that are uniquely suited to your organization

Our services include:

  • Organizational evaluations – Heavenstone will perform a comprehensive assessment of roles and responsibilities, architectural, development and support processes, product definition and lifecycle, leadership and strategy to determine the strengths and weaknesses in your organization and provide solid, specific action steps to ensure success.
  • Technical evaluations - The success of your technology depends on a set of precisely defined and universal factors. Heavenstone can evaluate your project for viability, focus, extensibility, maintainability, and supportability.
  • Interim management - For smaller companies, Heavenstone’s Founder Mark Himelstein can serve as interim CTO, Director of Engineering, Research or other leadership position within your organization to ensure that your projects are developed and delivered on-time.
  • Management coaching - Even the most technologically oriented organizations depend on their people. Heavenstone can also help develop management, communication, and leadership skills for your existing staff. Assessments, 360 feedback, one-on-one coaching and sustained development plans will ensure that your organization is peopled with the skilled leaders it needs.

Heavenstone’s combination of technical and organizational leadership will help your team accomplish your goals. Contact us for more information.