"I would like to tell anyone who is considering going to this class, DO  IT, I went last year and it was a life changing event. It was wonderful. Do this for yourself, you will LOVE it." Leesa  C. B.

It was truly life changing experience." Patty C. M.

Training and Individual Sessions in Pacific Grove, Monterey Bay, CA
Training by
former Director of Sylvia Browne's hypnosis school.

*Classic using Sylvia's methods with a little NLP

       Behavior Modification, Life Journey Sessions, Regression, Past Life Regression        October 6-12, 2019

(OR  Spring 2020 dates TBD)

* A Little NLP with Spiritual Flavoring including pain elimination & Kid's hypnosis. TBD Spring 2020   

*Advanced Training Classes

        ***Quantum Leap: Creating a Time Warp to help clients and yourself [online soon] onsite 2020 TBD

        ***Life Journey Sessions: Advanced Regression, Past Life Regression and Heaven  March 14 & 15, 2020

....    ...      ....

        ***Journey to Temples in Heaven    TBD 2020

        ***Visit Life on the Other Side, Heaven: Life Between Lives, Afterlife   TBD 

        *** Drain That Pain --in person and online training.

Personal Hypnosis Sessions
*North America Hypnotist Network for behavior modification or regression or Heaven

*Individual hypnosis sessions. Specializing in Past Life Regression,visit the Other Side, Heaven


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  International Hypnosis
Federation Approved School
                                                                                       PHTC, part of 
                                                                                      Gnostic Light INC

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