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This website is now a tribute to Linda,
The creator of Heavenly Craft Templates
Linda fell ill on 5/08/2016 while only 2 days into a vacation in Canada visiting her family and was rushed to hospital. She was given only a few weeks to live after being diagnosed with lung and brain cancer, an illness that Linda had never received any previous treatment for. She spent 7 days in hospital in Canada then flown home to Scotland where she past away on the 18/08/2016. This website and creating beautiful things was Linda's love and will remain online as a mark of respect to her memory, she was only 52 years young.
Our family and i will forever miss our beautiful Angel who is now in Heaven, Andy XX
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Choose from 100's of craft card & 3D keepsake craft templates.We have instant digital craft downloads & free craft downloads.

My templates come in two forms GSD templates for the Craft Robo & digital download printable templates.

We hope you find something that catches your eye & inspiration to get those crafting juices going to create

Something wonderul to give as a gift to family & friends.My templates are also perfect for school projects,teaching resources, kids activites.Digital downloads are the latest craze in the crafting world
And the template downloads are always at your fingertips whenever you feel the urge to craft. 

Scottish,English,Irish,Welsh Flags

Latest Additions For  2015-2016

3D Baby Girl Letters, Stand & Giftbox Template


3D Post/Pillar Gift Box & Display Box Template



    3D Telephone Gift Box + Display Box Template


3D Wishing Well Template

3D Outdoors

3D Star Shaped Gift Box Template

3D Star Shaped Box


  3D Baby Boy Letter Templates


3D Laptop Card Template

Card Singles

3D Nesting Egg Shaped Gift Box Templates

3D Egg Shaped Gift Box


    3D Keepsake VW Camper Van +Display Box Templates

3D VW Campervan Craft Template

3D Keepsake Ferris Wheel Template

New For 2015

3D Piano Set

3D Piano Template

    Set Of Mother's Day Templates

3D Mother's Day Vase & Roses

3D Keepsake Expanding Sewing Box Template

3D Expanding Sewing Box

3D Sewing Machine Template

3D Sewing Machine Template


    3D File Folder Templates

3D Household 1

3D Teacup & Saucer Gift Box Templates


3d Hexagonal Gift Box Cup Templates 



    3D Exploding Gift Box Templates


3D Pop-Up Theatre Card Template

Card Singles 3

3d Double Frame Box Card & Display Box Templates 

Card Singles 3


    3D Christmas Cubic Advent Calendar Templates


Set Of 3D Xmas Ornament & Home Decor Templates 


3d Whimsical Tea-light Lantern 

3d Whimsical Tea-light Lantern & Box Templates


3D Loopy Christmas Tree Template

3D Loopy Christmas Tree

3D Rosette Christmas Tree 

3D Rosette Christmas Tree

Set Of Wedding Bride/Groom Favor Box Templates

Favour Boxes


    3D Hot Air Balloon Template

3D Hot Air Balloon Template

3D Keepsake Guitar Gift Box

3D Keepsake Guitar Gift Box

Pop Up Box Card Templates

3D Pop Up Box Cards


    Funky Diamond Exploding Card

Diamond Exploding Card

3D Rose Wreath

3d rose wreath template

Set Of Butterfly Card Templates

Set Of Butterfly Card Templates



    Set Of Octagon Box Templates 


3D Horseshoe Shaped Rose Wreath

3D Horseshoe Rose Wreath

3D Snowman Snowglobe Card



    Christmas Tree Shaped Advent Calendar Box

3d christmas advent tree


" New" Craft Template Pack Vol 30


Wine Bottle Gift Set 



     Set Of Building Block TemplatesBuilding Blocks Templates 


3d Keepsake Dresser Template
3D Rocking Chair
Set Of Quad Easel Card Templates
Butterfly Shaped Easel Card
3D Snooker Table

             3D RockingHorse

3D Keepsake Baby Rocking Horse Template



3D High Heeled Shoe & Handbag Card Template3D High Heeled Shoes & Handbag
3 x 3 Gift Card Set3 x 3 card gift set

      3D CozyCoupe

3d Cozy Coupe Template





Dr Who Tardis Card TemplateDr Who Tardis Card Template
3D Church/Wedding/Christening Template


Set Of 3D Keepsake Garden Gift Set Templates

Set Of Love Heart Valentine Card & Gift Box Templates

loveheart valentine templates



scroll box

3D Knight's Castle Exploding Gift Box Templates

D Knight's Castle Exploding Gift Box Templates

 3D Keepsake Birdhouse + Display Box Templates

3D Keepsake Birdhouse + Display Box Templates

3D Keepsake Garden Summer House/Shed Templates

3d summerhouse

 Watering Can Shaped Card Template

watering can card


Lips Shaped Card lips shaped card templateTemplate


Love Shaped Card Template 

Love Shaped Card Template
Latest Additions For 2013
Telescope Card Template
Telescopic Card Template

3D Christmas Lantern Template

3d lantern template

3D Halloween Haunted House Template

3d haunted house template

 3D Mini CrackerTemplate

 Set Of Mini Christmas Cracker's

 Recipe Box & C6 Card Box Holder


3D Round Tiered Wedding Cake

3D Round Tiered Wedding Cake

 3D Camera Gift Box Template

3D Camera Gift Box

 3D House Gift Box Template

3D Christmas House Gift Box

3D Teacup & Saucer Template


 3D Pirate Ship Template

3D Pirate Ship

 3D Pirate Treasure Chest Template

3D Palm Tree Gift Box Template

3d palm tree favour box

3D Christmas Cracker Templates

 Set Of 3D Christmas Wreath Templates

Set Of Men's Shirt & Tie Gift Set Of Templates Set Of Men's Shirt & Tie Gift Set Of Templates



 Set Of Rocker Card Templates

Christmas Tree Shaped Gift Box Template

Christmas Cracker Gift Box Template

Christmas Cracker Funky Gift Box With Mini Gift Boxes


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