By Way of the Stars To The Sea

Part Two 


Issue 29 of the Official Stargate Magazine features part two of this exciting serial.






Sneak Preview:

With all eyes on the opening the bleat of terror from Rodney was completely unexpected. Elizabeth swung around and found herself staring at his feet. She looked up. McKay dangled in midair, a thick, crusted tentacle extending from the barrier was wrapped tightly around his middle, turning his face an interesting shade of purple.

“Rodney!” Sheppard released a burst of gunfire and she ducked a shower of coral chips. Ronan leapt forward, grabbed the tentacle and tried to prize it loose.

“Hey, what’s going on out there?” Daniel yelled. “We’ve got bullets coming through the wall!”

Elizabeth reached out to help Ronan, only to have the tentacle – and Rodney – whisked out of her grasp. O'Neill pulled her back. The tentacle absorbed into the wall, taking Rodney, and Ronan still clinging to him, with it.

“Uh….” Completely stumped, Sheppard fell back on military training and looked to the general.

O'Neill stared at the barrier, growth, creature… whatever it was. His eyes suddenly widened and by the time he uttered, “Aw, crap,” four new tentacles shot out of the growth, wrapped around each of them and sucked them straight into the wall.