By Way of the Stars

Part One


Issue 28 of the Official Stargate Magazine features the first part of my three-part story By Way Of The Stars.

It's the first time a multi-part story has featured in the magazine and it was huge fun to write.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Sneak Preview:


Cam glanced down at the blue glow of the Stargate, just in time to see it shut off and bring darkness close around them. “Okay. So. Not Earth. Sam, what the hell happened?”

She craned her head back and directed the gun light into the gloom above them. Bare metal walls and ceiling loomed around them. “Beats me. Somehow the ’gate on P9H 506 misdirected Earth’s address,” she said.

“We are fortunate we only ended up in this situation,” Teal'c murmured.

“I’m not feeling particularly grateful, actually,” sniped Vala, coming closer to Cam as Teal'c towed her along. “In fact, I’m cold and starting to prune.”

“Could have been worse,” Doctor Pessimism offered.

“Worse? There’s worse than being stuck in a fishbowl?”

Daniel grinned evilly for a moment. “Vacuum of space, planet with no atmosphere, boiling lake of larva….”

Vala stuck her tongue out at Daniel, and clung even tighter to Teal'c’s vest.