SG-1 Basics

All Those Anacronyms...


For my family, co-workers, and anyone else needing a crash course 

in the Stargate Universe.  




Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe

Used by the SGC to test the atmosphere of new planets before teams 'gate through. Also records visual footage to check for hostiles and can be used as a communication hub to relay contact between the SGC and offworld teams.



 Field Remote Expeditionary Device

Slow-moving workhorse that transports heavy equipment, tents and supplies required for long missions.


Garage Door Opener

An electronic device that sends a coded identification through the Stargate wormhole to advise the SGC that incoming travelllers are friendly and to open the iris that blocks the Earth Stargate. Can also be used by Evil Upstart System Lords to threaten team members. This is not recommended by the manufacturer.



 Battle Dress Uniform

 As the Stargate program is run under the auspices of the US Air Force, all teams wear military uniform, civilians and aliens included. Our heroes are currently modelling the Desert Camouflage design.



 Zat'Nik'Tel (Zat-nik-atel)

 A weapon used by the soldiers of the Goa'uld, the Jaffa. It delivers a burst of electrical charge that has a range of some metres. One shot painfully disables. Two shots kill. Three shots disintegrate.


Staff Weapon



The other weapon of choice for the Jaffa.  Of much greater range than the Zat, it sends bolts of energy powerful enough to kill with one shot, or bring down an enemy fighter. Can also be used as a staff in close combat.





A motion and heat-controlled sentry device that can be set to fire pulses of energy.



 Ring Transporter.

A set of circular rings capable of transporting people from a planet's surface to a ship in orbit or between a moon and a planet.

The rings descend around the traveller, the beam of light transports them, and the rings retract.



Dial Home Device

Designed by the Ancients race, it holds the thirty-nine glyphs used to dial an address that will activate the Stargate. An address consists of six astronomical glyphs and one denoting the point-of-origin, unique to each planet. The DHD belonging to the Earth Stargate was  not found with the Stargate, so a massive super-computer was designed to do the same job.







Built by the long lost race of Ancients. There is a network of Stargates stretchd across the galaxy, some buried, some destroyed, but many opening the way for our explorers to visit new and amazing planets and people.

Rather neat, really.