Murphy’s Law of Stargate Travel



A new short story featuring in the Official Stargate Magazine, Issue 25.

Published by Titan Magazines.

On sale October 28 in the UK, November 13 in the US, December in Australia.











A sneak peek…


“Got it!” Daniel announced. The wooden door slid back into the side of the tower.

“Go, go, go!” Jack took off after Daniel who had shot up like a sprinter at the starter’s gun. Teal'c and Carter were hot on their heels.

SG-1 fled up the walkway. Leaving the sounds of the herd behind them they ran on and up, the curve of the path almost enough to make them dizzy. It was disorienting enough to distort Jack’s usually keen spatial sense.

“Anyone remember how many of those archways there were?”

“Three, I think, sir.”

“I believe there were four, Major Carter.”

“Jack? You think the rest are going to be blocked too?” Daniel managed to glance over his shoulder while still running. Which is why he failed to see the second archway, firmly sealed with a nice big wooden door.

Jack snagged the pack on Daniel’s back and yanked him to one side. They careened into the stone wall of the walkway, tripped over each other’s feet and landed in a heap.

“I’d say that’s a given, Daniel.”