Colonel Jack O'Neill                                                Played by Richard Dean Anderson



A colonel in the US Air Force Special Forces, O'Neill was recalled from retirement to re-open the Stargate. His only child, Charlie, was accidentally killed while playing with Jack's gun a couple of years previously. Jack's trademark irreverence is famous amongst his allies and foes alike. He mixes his devotion to duty and unshakeable professionalism with a keen love of The Simpsons and correct grammar.


Doctor Daniel Jackson                                           Played by Michael Shanks


Orphaned at age eight, Daniel followed his parents in their profession of archaeology. He holds three PhDs, in archaeology, anthropology and philology. His theories on cross-culture pollination and doubts over the actual builders of the Egyptian pyramids led him to be ostracised by his peers, and brought him into the secret Stargate program where he solved the riddle of the Gate and opened the way to the stars.

Teal'c                                                                             Played by Christopher Judge


Aged 102, Teal'c spent his life serving the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis, rising through the ranks of Jaffa until he reached First Prime. Guided by his mentor Bra'tac, he always doubted the Goa'uld claim of god-hood, and upon meeting SG-1 found the support he needed to turn against his god and strike the first blow for the freedom of his people. Leaving behind his wife and son, Rya'c, Teal'c joined SG-1.


Major Samantha Carter                                        Played by Amanda Tapping



A career military officer, Sam is also a doctor of astrophysics and a qualified pilot. After serving in the Gulf War she worked on the Stargate program for a number of years, readying it for the moment when Daniel joined and solved the final puzzle.


General George Hammond  Played by Don S. Davis



Sha're  Played by Vaitiare Bandera



Skaara  Played by Alexis Cruz




Kasuf  Played by Erik Avari