Welcome to the official website of Roger Penney. The pages linked to this site include poetry and stories that Roger has written and have been published and enjoyed by many. Much of Roger's work has been published and distributed throughout bookshops and fayres. Roger is quickly being recognised for his writing talents and to date has produced many poems and stories for both children and adults alike. Roger has spent most of his life working with young people and until recently was a full time secondary school teacher based in the Portsmouth area of the UK. Today Roger spends a great deal of his time visiting various shows up and down the country where he displays historical and informative information based on his Christian beliefs. During his time at the shows and country fayres Roger has become firm friends with many gypsy families he has met along the way and now helps and campaigns for the gypsy way of life and culture. Some of the pages on this site are dedicated to some of the gypsy people Roger has had the privilege of meeting and together with his experiences makes for some surprising and enjoyable reading.

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