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Motion Pictures

Traveler at the Bar

Traveler at the Bar:-A Short Film
Staring Ray Blackburn & Tom Marzulli 

Traveler at the Bar

This is a short film written by Matthias Sundberg, based on H.G. Well's The Time Machine. In the autumn of 2010 I directed this film with the great acting talents of Ray Blackburn and Tom Marzulli. We shot the film in four hours on a Saturday, at the wonderfully eclectic Bernie's Hillside Lounge of Chester, NJ (we had to finish before the bar opened for the day).  Vance Spicer was our cinematographer and Matthias edited the final piece. The best part of the project, for me, was that everyone involved is a close personal friend; Matthias and Vance went to college with me and Ray and Tom I met working in television production in New York City. Nothing is better than doing good work with close friends! I am very pleased with the results and hope you enjoy. 

Winter Solstice Sunsets

Winter Solstice Sunsets

This is a series of time-lapse videos I shot of winter solstice sunsets in 2013 from an office on the 8th Floor of the NJ Transit building in Newark, New Jersey. (In the foreground is the Northeast Corridor rail line entering Newark Penn Station.) This is a compilation of sunsets from around December 21st of that year. A number of shots appear to shake, this movement was from the subtle swaying of the office tower in the wind. The effect of the triple suns are a result of the plate glass window I was shooting through. Enjoy nature's amazing show!

A Call of Conscience

A Call of Conscience: Pennhurst State School & Hospital

This is the story of a lesser known element to the civil rights struggle in the United States. Pennhurst State School, like hundreds of similar institutions around the country, is where the intellectually disabled (formerly referred to as "mentally retarded") were sent to live their lives outside of the view of wider society. In the late 1960's and 1970's a very dedicated group of school residents, their families and staff began a quiet revolution at Pennhurst State School that would ultimately change American society forever. This is a short documentary I created for the Pennhurst Memorial & Preservation Alliance to raise public awareness about this historic place, its brave residents and the important chapter their story represents in American history. In addition to being featured on the PM&PA website, this documentary was also an official selection at the Queens International Film Festival in 2011.

The Helper

The Helper-A Short Film

In the summer of 2014, Matthias Sundberg and I took part in the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Project; a challenge in which a filmmaking team has to recreate a complete short film from concept to end product in 48 hours. The assigned film's genre was "Film de Femme"and the film had to feature a ticket, a human mannequin, a character named Victor Carr and the spoken line "I am not at all surprised." We had the great acting talents of Emily Mallon and Eric Swader, who bravely volunteered to be our actors for the weekend. As a dedicated team of four, this is the short that resulted.